How to Spot a Counterfeit

There is never a question about it. God is not the only one who answers prayers.   I saw this listed on a bloggers site and thought back to my own previous experiences.  How true that statement is indeed. 
We think even if we haven’t verbally stated what we’ve asked God for then no one knows what we are wanting. One thing about us as humans is our predictability factor.  We forget how predictable we are to each other and how much more predictable are we to the enemy. When we want things, we tend to act out on our desires. For instance, a person in search of a car will inevitably allow their eyes to glance at every car lot they pass. Anyone taking notice will know the person is interested in purchasing a car. The enemy is the same way. He’s constantly looking to see what our desires are.
One thing about getting blessings from God is that often times we have to wait. It is in our waiting period that the enemy presents us with a counterfeit.  He has watched us long enough to know how to respond to our desires. The Bible says he’s like a lion seeking to devour. In urban and rural areas we don’t have much knowledge about lions. One thing I have learned about lions is their ability to camouflage themselves and blend in with the environment. How much more so can the devil blend in when he’s invisible? Their jaws are for tearing apart. Those same powerful jaws go for the jugular after the prey has been sufficiently smacked around.  And the lion who can’t endure for long distances goes for the weakest in the pack.
So now you have an invisible spirit being watching your every move. He us watching in silence and darkness. You have an enemy that uses his tactics to maim you and knock you down before he goes for the kill.  You have an enemy that waits until you have been weakened by your own fleshly desires and your lack of using your resources to keep your strength. You know those resources. The ones yhat ate vital to every believers existence like the Word of God, prayer and close association with other believers to help us with our accountability factor. Yes this enemy is waiting for us to put down one knowing that if we begin slacking in one area the other two will shortly follow. Once in our weakened state he is willing to give us the desires of our hearts if it will end up turning us away from God. So when speaking of a counterfeit I’m speaking of a person who does not belong in your life however much you’ve been longing for them.
Sometimes as humans we find ourselves longing for a companion. When we are in our quest for someone that is compatible to us we’re quite obvious in our pursuits. We spend too much time gazing at the opposite sex. We spend too much time engaging in conversations with people that are not tailored to fit our needs. We spend too much time in discussions with our friends about the possibility of not being single anymore. And if we’ve asked God to send us someone we open the door for the enemy by showing our desires out in the open. So when does the counterfeit appear.?
It’s usually right in the moments before God is planning on sending someone to you. When patience is not our strong suit we allow a person to come into our lives without waiting on God to help us whether this person has been approved or not. In these days of our modern technology people have the opportunity to find out everything about you before they even meet you. Once they find out what your desires are, what you like and what your interests are they can tailor themselves to fit your needs. So the great deception begins. However, just a little patience would have allowed God to manifest Himself and your new reality will be different from what it will become once the trials and tribulations begin.
Features of a counterfeit. The counterfeit’s job is to appeal to your fleshly desires. The person that was on their way by God was to appeal to your mind to elevate you to a higher level spiritually emotionally and intellectually. When you begin to get into your flesh your mind has no more say so. Your body takes over and you lose control. You see things that don’t seem right but your flesh is weak and wants to keep moving in the direction that it wants to be moved in so it pushes your mind to the side. That sound voice of reason becomes a faded and distant whisper. Your passions and desires become minimalistic. You don’t want to do the things you used to do. You find yourself having less time for the people that matter most. Your routine of positive behavior becomes substituted by a negative one. Where you used to have patience, you now place frustrations. Where you used to have peace, you now house anger and rage. Where you use to live for motivation, encouraging others and receiving it in return, you find complacency to be your new home. Your new desires becomes embedded and imprinted in comfort. Where you use to drive towards your dreams and your goals, you now allow to take a back seat to the person you’re with. When your focus becomes too much on the person you’re with and not on God and Kingdom pursuits which include the things that make you better, there you have your counterfeit.
I would find myself worrying too much about what the person was doing than what I needed to do to get to the next level. I would find myself spending too much time in the presence of the other person without doing the things that came natural to me. If it was in my nature to work 60 hours a week, I would find myself reducing hours to  30. If it was in my nature to write all the time I caught a serious case of writer’s block. If it was in my nature to be encouraging to others I would find myself shunning the very people I had connected with in order to not offend the person I was with. If it was in my nature to call my friend everyday I would go months without speaking to them at all. If it was in my nature to do good to other , i would find myself only doing good for the person I was with. If it was in my nature to drop knowledge on the masses, I would find myself only wanting to be a teacher to the person I was with. That person would always prove to be a counterfeit. However, by the time I figured out they were a counterfeit I would already be in too deep. The Sharks would be circling me. And I would be saying I thought this was, but now in my LL Cool J voice I need love. Now I have to extract myself from a counterfeit. If I don’t do it in time, I may have missed out on the opportunity that God was presenting to me. So now I have to wait a longer time so I can truly learn what patience means.
The pain will inevitably come from the hurt of losing someone you thought you loved. Or losing someone you may have truly loved, even if they were not good for you. When a person is good for you you want to spend more time around your friends and not just in party settings. You want everyone to be able to partake and share in what you have. You find that the things that used to matter, matter so much more now because now you have a person to share it with. Your drive is increasingly greater because you just want to be better for the person you’re with. You begin to work in a different way by working to be better. You stop to make your partner better but you know that in order for you both to be better you have to make the world around you better so you look to make the world around you better even more than you did before. You might spend a lot of time with the person you’re with but you find time to spend with those that matter most to you because you want to share how this person makes you feel with them. That’s love. Love is not selfish. So that doesn’t describe how you interact with just the person you’re with it includes the world around you. It includes the world that you created before the person ever came along. It gives you a driving desire to create the world around you and make it even better than it was before because the person you’re with has made you better. You don’t slack in the positive things. You evade the negative. If you used to do something four times now you want to do it eight. You want to go out and live in the world around you therefore you have something to come home and share with the person that makes you feel so much. There is a bittersweet joy in spending time apart because you know you’ll be able to miss that person when you come together there’s so much more you can share together.
The counterfeit is a destiny stealer. The counterfeit seeks to stop destroy and remove your divine connections. Their job is to keep you from going where God intends for you to go. They have been sent by your enemy. And if you think you don’t have an enemy, look at all the pain and suffering that you’ve encountered in your lifetime. And if that’s not enough to make you think again then I don’t know what is. The enemies job is to kill steal and destroy. Therefore if he is an angel masquerading as an angel of light and the people he sends masquerade as ministers of light then the person will be an expert in pretending to be someone they’re not. The good talk will never be followed by a good walk. Therefore the person you thought they were never comes to the lights but they inevitably drag you into the darkness. So now you’ve released your divine connections, you’ve lost touch with the world, and you’re not growing like you use to. You’ve become so connected and intrinsically weaved into the person’s life that’s they maintain control over you that you find it hard to escape. Now you’re stuck. At one time you were moving forward now you’re just shuffling to the side. Because you’re just moving to the side to get out of the way for the person that God is putting in your place since you chose not to walk. So, the next time you decide to go out and try and buy something with a counterfeit , know you can only receive that which you give. And if you’re trying to walk into your destiny with your counterfeit you’re always going to be left behind, because in actuality you don’t have what you need in order to make it.