Family is not always relative. What I mean by that is all relatives are not necessarily your family. I’ve said this so much in my life it almost seems like rhetoric. In the past I did not understand this basic premise but understanding it was fundamental to my very existence.

Lets look at the definition for family. The free dictionary defines family as Family: Two or more people who share goals and values, have long-term commitments to one another, and reside usually in the same dwelling place.

Ok. So that means that family does not have to be connected to me through blood as society has instilled in us to believe, but as those slaves of olden times who had extended families that transcended past bloodlines into a common cause, their suffering and a need to have someone relate to them. I guess family is not always relative.

Relative the definition from goes as follows. Relative: a person who is connected with another or others by blood or marriage. I guess we have many relatives but maybe not so many familial ties.

I have always been different. Some differences I wished to change, and by the time I was in a double digit age I recognized that some differences were not right by societies standards so it was time for me to put an end to behaviors that had been introduced to me at the age of two according to my mother’s recollection, and introduced by a relative at that. I guess that would mean with me being different my goals and values would be different than most even different from those who are related to me.

Yesterday, I decided that I will embrace the place where God has placed me in His aim to make me into this person that He has called me to be. I figured while I am in my jail of the Joseph experience, or the wilderness like theIisrealites I would stop grumbling and do something positive and productive. I had to show God I appreciated Him allowing me a safe place while being able to get my life in order. So I clean up the space. Others have cared about me enough to clean up my messes in times past, why not do the same for the ones that have been a blessing to me.

So I clean. I only throw away things that belong to me, besides a few broken glasses so I thought and movies that bared naked behinds and body parts. I’m sorry for not wanting my daughter to grow up under the perversion that seeks its claim in my family lineage, and wanted to protect her as much as possible. While she came to me explaining that she saw some movies with “bootys and vagina’s” on them I didn’t know how to explain how inappropriate it was except for throwing them away so she would see that is not something that is appropriate to be in a house with a four year old.

I thought as I looked over the former mess at a cleaner space that I had done a job well done. How silly of me. My grandfather comes screaming at me waking me up for moving an unused coffee table with the glass broken out the middle and gone. “Put it back,” he yelled. I think maybe he was more frustrated for me throwing away the dirty movies than anything else and showed his aggravation by letting me know that I cause trouble everywhere I go. Its amazing that he should think so because the biggest trouble that was caused to me was in his house when I was still a toddler, by his family, and my mother said my father almost beat the one that did it to me to death.

Such is life. I guess whenever you try to clean up the devil’s dirt he always thinks you are making trouble because how can he continue to pervert the thoughts of little girls and break down the family structure if women are actually stepping in their assigned roles to be a helpmate, and not vixens there to exacerbate the lust in a man instead of helping him use his mind letting spirit guide him and not flesh. Yeah, I plan on doing something different. My daughter and her safety is my one and only priority, and if that means a relative has to scream at me for dusting his shoulders off, so be it.

So this is to all those that think your family is relative. No, family are those that see your struggle and look to encourage you up in it instead of talking about you behind your back because secretly they are jealous of whatever it is God has placed on the inside of you that allows you to overcome obstacles that they never could since they curl up and die when they break a nail. I’m just saying, because I just did. Family is the ones that see you can not come to them so they come to you because they need you as much as you need them. I can’t relate to those that look for opportunities to make money over following their own dreams they become everyone else’s fantasy while foregoing their own dreams. Money has never been the motivation. Maybe because I have always been blessed to have a pocket full even when I’m so broke it never felt like it. I took time away from financial gains to work in jobs nobody else wanted, because I know treasure is really in the lives you touch, not the money in your pocket. So no my family is few and relative to me not so much. But the family that I have that has been connected to me in Spirit I am thankful. Tears form in my eyes as I type words I dont say too often but am forever grateful that there are really people that love me in this world, regardless to how ‘crazy’ ‘lazy’ or ‘inept’ some that will never know me claim me to be. I do. I love all my family, and even though most of you are not related to me it’s a blessing to know that whatever you lack God will provide so I stay forever thankful for a God that will neither leave me nor forsake me and always quick to provide my every need.



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