Money can buy you lust. I guess.

I’ve watched so many women become a fantasy to men. They were willing to create an optical illusion at the cost of their bank accounts. It seemed as if the whole world had fashioned itself to this trend that I eventually jumped on board. Not too much though and not so quickly.

I guess every woman realizes that when pursuing a man they have to out pursue the next woman since it is in a man’s nature to pursue a woman. It is natures call that he will always be roaming to and fro looking to find his wife, and not allowing himself to be captured. So the woman in question has to have something to dangle in front of him like bait on a line hoping he bite and she can hook him with whatever else she is willing to give in exchange for time attention and love.

Usually its her self respect.

One of my friends called me one day a long time ago stating her soon to be husband was trying to force her into a threesome. They had always participated in times past together but since he was about to become her husband she felt that was no longer a prerequisite in the course when she thought she was schooling life. She left as the woman was walking in with her pre-teen daughter in tow and figured he would deal with the situation. He did in fact deal with the situation, and when she returned home she and her daughter stood at her bedroom door as they watched respectively fiance and father adjust his body to the sleeping head nestled onto his chest. Her daughter just looked at her and said, “Mom you can do better than this. I like your ex-boyfriend better than my father any day.”

See she didn’t just start buying his lust with the price paid of wanton lascivious acts. She had already pilfered over six figures from her job to finance his million dollar home which he lived in with his wife before she made him leave the situation and create the familial illusion with her. Money can buy you lust. I guess.

I watch as women choose to buy a man in order to keep him away from his first love. His children. She figures if she can dangle enough shiny things in his face he will not feel the need to be a provider for the children left behind, and she will eventually fill that void with a “keep a negro baby” believing if she can attach herself to him for the long run her investment was well worth it. She just may be the one that he decides to keep. All the while she is forgetting that the man that “FINDS” a wife finds a good thing. Its not the man that gets lured and captured by a wife by the shiny things and the lifestyle of flashing lights she presents before him.

And what if a woman can’t have children. Well she goes for broke, literally. She goes broke emotionally, spiritually, and mentally trying to hold onto something that was never hers to capture. See when we step outside our assigned roles as women and become the aggressors we wonder why we spend so many nights restless unable to figure out what we are doing wrong. Stepping outside of our roles, buying lust. Lust is not just of the body, its of the flesh. Lust is a desire to capture as many things as possible so now we have these loveless relationships creating loveless families and wonder why so many children out here in these streets killing each other for sport. They have come to understand the finite principle of urban living. Love things and use people.

People think that because it feels good to the flesh it is good and it is love. They forget that love is patient. They turn a month of interest into a reason to start a full fledged relationship. You cannot know if something is for you by a month of getting to know a person. Love is kind. I cannot fathom any type of kindness in a relationship that keeps a man or a woman away from their children. It does not envy, so every time that person is questioning who you are with, why you showing love to people you have always shown love to check the script thats been flipped. Is this love or is this lust? There is no need to have passwords to pages or check movements because it is not self seeking and keeps no record of wrongs. A person truly in love is there to love you, cherish and adore not be your guardian as you are locked in a prison of lust. A kept person to their own perverted fantasies and you think its sweet that they are overprotective of you in the beginning until the stalker they truly are manifests itself in a new and unfamiliar light. You have yet to realize that they are hindering you from meeting your destiny keeper at your divine appointment for greatness.

See love always protects, and always trusts and many believe that is only the person they are with, however there were people in your world before this person came along and if you are neglecting them then there is something slightly amiss with this new relationship.

Money can buy you lust. I guess.

I’ve looked over my life. An outfit bought here, or tickets to a concert there and thought I was just being generous when in the back of my mind I was really trying to keep something that did not belong to me. When I look back and think of the messes I made of my life trying to tie something down that was destined to fly with another I understand why I kept coming back to the starting point. Its really about being willing to break pride and know when something is not right for you even if it does feel good, everything that glitters ain’t gold, and even though money can buy you lust. It will never equal love and will always keep you with an empty void haunted by the lack of the real thing.


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