I crawl out from under my rock peeking out to see what challenges are being afforded to me in the world right now.

Water bejeweled and sparkling like a topaz. I want to dive in. I want to take a running jump. I have been under the rock too long. I have been covered with all the things from the rock, and I want to clean myself off.

Dip my big toe in the water. Yep, water’s just fine. So I jump in face first. I see a couple of sharks, but they are being held at bay by a huge divide that keeps my place safe and rather inviting. Its warm and sunny. It’s tropical. The breeze is high and I am finally dressed for the weather.

I notice the sharks, but I don’t see them.

They feign as if they are frolicking when all the while they are really trying not to eat each other. I know they are hungry. These sharks would rather eat me alive than go and hunt for their own food. They know I been eating, I have all the vital nutrients they need in order to go another six months without hunting so I keep my guard.

I know they are waiting for me to come into their waters, since they know most assuredly they won’t be welcome in mine.

Tra lala. Doing my own thing.

I’ve invited some friends along with me on this vacation, and they keep me breezy smiling an umbrella in my coconut water. Thank God they weren’t under the same rock I was, they just happened to meet me where I was.

So I am constantly refreshed.

I see the sharks sipping on something I don’t drink that looks tempting, but I can’t begin to imagine how a shark would be able to drink something in the first place. They don’t have hands. So who is holding it for them?

I don’t trust it.

They swim in their murky waters and think I’m leaving my turquoise hued waters for something I can see straight through even though they don’t think I can. I have this special type of vision on this side of the beach.

Not a chance.

Direction is guidance. So I take it. One dimensional. Two tiered. Three fold.

oH. Yeah.

My sister friend and I were talking today. Everyone that invades your space is not there to help you clean up your mess. Some people just come in, sit around, stare so they can validate their existence by having something to run back and tell to someone else.

Here I am. I got the latest news for you. Do you see me? If you see me then maybe I can be validated.

I told her that its a blessing to be at peace with who you are and who you once were, because fiery darts are stopped in midair like Neo in the Matrix once he figures out he is the one.

What??!? Someone much bigger than me gave me weaponry to defeat my enemies, by not allowing the poison that is put in the atmosphere to get to me.

God is good.

I am blessed.

I allow the sun to soak into my tresses. Light my path, and my way. Close my eyes to see what others can’t and forever thankful. Not just because I am in the sun, and on the beach and the water is turquoise. It is what it is because I desire to have that outlook. Emotions are a choice. So today this is mine. I wish I could promise it will be like this always, but I know it will not.

I’ve just decided to take it one day at a time, dealing with my present while I stay prayed up preparing for tomorrow.


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