It’s 3:47 am. I am awake. I remember being awakened by my daughter at 12 midnight. I went to sleep at 11:15. Yet, I feel refreshed. Someone is on my spirit, as they have been for the past two weeks so I pray.

I pray with fervor, without ceasing.

I decide to scroll through my IG account, after I say Amen. I love how inspiring the people I follow are. They keep me going, providing me with insight. I am thankful for the times when I am willing to listen to the Holy Spirit. He shows me when I need to be getting something more out of whatever He has sent to be shown to me. Sometimes I feel like I feel Him saying, not yet, you haven’t gotten what you came for, so I scroll and get what I came for.

Thats how I found my beachbody coach.

I am about to get up out the bed so I can start this early morning workout when I hear a car alarm going off.

It is 4 AM why won’t that person stop that wretched racket?

I look outside.

The noise is coming from my car.

Oh it’s me. I need to stop that dreaded awfulness.

So I put my workout on hold.

Running to the car I press and hold both buttons on my alarm as long as I think I can. Nothing is working. The screeching from the car has invaded my ears and when I think I can’t take it anymore I bang on the dashboard.

Ok pastor just preached about this anger thing in my heart, let me take a minute to calm down. It is just noise. Noise sent as a distraction. I need to overcome it.

So I walk back in the house fifteen minutes later.

I turn my music on and go for it. I mean workout hard. I’m sweating in the first fifteen minutes. No I am not using a DVD. I have insanity and Focus T25, but I can’t use that as my crutch. What if there ever comes a time where I have to be solely independent on God and my own self? Preparation is the key ingredient to avoiding failure. So I do so.

I have lost many things over the past 7 years, and one thing I have learned is not to get too attached to anything. It may just be removed from my life in a drop of a hat, so sometimes it may seem as if I am cold and distant to my daughter. I just need her to learn to depend on no one but God, because I almost lost my mind after my mother died.

I digress.

My fasted Cardio. Felt great. I took a few workouts I found online and added my personal spin and twist to them.

I made up a workout on my own. A few things my former trainer put together for me, and some things that just popped in my mind. I can’t begin to think I’m that smart, so I know it had to be the Holy Spirit giving me some ideas. God knows how He designed me to look, and He knew how willing I was to work so knowing I was willing to put in work, He gives me the necessary and key elements to reach goals that He has set for me. I don’t really have it in me to aim high, but I am learning.

So what is fasted Cardio?

Fasted Cardio is cardio you do after just waking up and not having eaten anything. I figure, I’m here at home. I wouldn’t try that if I was going to the gym but if I feel lightheaded I can stop get a couple of pistachios for quick energy or a sip of my protein vegetable shake that is waiting for me in the refrigerator. Why not?

Why is it beneficial?

When it comes to fat loss, since you can target the body fat stores easier when doing fasted cardio, this does prove to be to my advantage. I decided to try this because of my personal goals. For the first time I am burning fat and not just trying to lose weight. There is no special event I am planning on going to. There is no special person whose attention I seek. I have learned in times past when I connect my personal health and fitness goals on a prerequisite as soon as the object is removed I turn into a fitness dropout. I have decided to love me, and that is to be my best self. I don’t want to be what someone else is, so I don’t compete. I am a woman. I am not a girl, so I wouldn’t even know how to recognize competition amongst friends so this is to finally attain my best self, allowing God to move me in the way that he has prepared for me. Girls compete. Women empower and thats exactly what we do on my IG fitness page where I put up daily motivations encourage the other women in this fitness challenge. I have bad days and some good, but everyday putting one foot in front of the other is a day I have won. I am challenging myself. I am competing against me.

I prayed for this program. I prayed for the fat loss. So I know when I see something that catches my attention that’s His gentle nudge in being my personal trainer telling me what would be most beneficial for my body.

Everyone’s body is different. What works for me may not work for another. My genetic makeup is different. I used to eat a lot. I mean ALOT. My step father used to look at my mother after I finished eating two plates of lasagna chicken and garlic bread and ask her where does it go? Obviously all to my stomach and thighs after I have a daughter and can’t work out like the fitness fanatic I was before this new life I am adjusting to as a mommy.

So here I am. The fasted cardio is just one step towards my goals. I make sure I don’t do anything too strenuos and have an activity I can do at my own pace. Music pumping, blood flowing ready for the fat to act like butter and melt from all the essential places. All I know is I put safety first. I have stopped striving for perfection since that is impossible in this life, and just want to be better today than I was yesterday.

So I’m sorry Beyonce. Pretty does not hurt. When it starts from within and becomes about being your best self for yourself, and to give Glory to the one who created you and knew who He called you to be it becomes a reason for celebration.

I can do it. I can do it. Oh yes I know I can. Fasted cardio may be a step in a forward direction, my diet has to be on point as well, but this is all an experiment. The following weeks shall show and prove what has been most effective.Image


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