Why would Beyonce describe herself as being drunk in love?

Why would anyone describe themselves as being drunk in love. At first it was crazy in love, I see.Image Is that why there have been postings of what appear to be Baphomet on her finger. I guess she got so crazy in love to the point of now being drunk in love and creating a culture of people that want to do the same thing.

I had to sit and wonder if it was because she has gotten herself so deep in a situation where her senses are dulled. She has gained the whole world, but what does it profit a man to gain the whole world if s/he loses their soul in the process.

So I begin to think about what are the physical effects of drinking. Drinking eventually corrodes the liver and when the liver stops working it no longer is able to purify the blood, so whatever impure thing comes into us can’t get filtered out because all that drinking has ruined our liver.

Drinking causes people to stumble and fall.

People who were once loving and nurturing become cold, callous and abusive. They used to act one way now they act another, and generally this is not in a positive way.

A person under the influence of alcohol may have slurred speech and impaired vision.

A person under the influence of alcohol may blackout and not remember what they were doing while under the influence. They surely aren’t able to remember what they are supposed to be doing.

Many alcoholics begin to experience biological issues and can develop a disorder called Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome. The effects of this disease can cause people to be mentally confused, to have paralysis of the ocular, or the eye, muscles, and have difficulty with muscle coordination. If the condition gets severe enough a person can wind up not being able to remember information. The condition can become so severe that not only can a person not remember old information, but they have a hard time taking in and remembering new information. It might go in, but just an hour later the information is gone.

If the liver gets so bad filled with toxins that it can no longer release a person can develop something something called Hepatic encephalopathy which can cause changes in sleep patterns, mood, and personality; psychiatric conditions such as anxiety and depression, a short attention span, and if things get bad enough they will slip into a coma.

Ok. So now you know the harsh effects of what being drunk in the physical will lead up to, so why does Beyonce boast of being drunk in love?

Many people may sit here and say well being drunk a few times can’t lead up to those drastic effects. Yes, but what if you literally drank all day everyday. Those biological effects would wind up happening far sooner than you would think. The thing about being drunk physically is the body will tell you when it is getting sick and can’t take anymore. The heart doesn’t know how to so it just wants more and more and no matter how sick our spirits are becoming we fail to see the effects on us.

I got saved the same day I fell back into my sinful behaviors. See the same man that had been sent on assignment to bring me to the Lord allowed himself to be used in another way to take me away from God as soon as I went to him and disregarded God’s word for my life. I forgot how powerful The Word is and disregarded the words and put His commandments in obscurity. I forgot that fornication was me sinning against my own flesh. Maybe because as soon as I sinned against my own flesh and couldn’t hear the Holy Spirit’s quiet whisper for the loud screaming of my flesh I was getting further and further away from God and the things He had in store for me.

I mean my vegetarian lifestyle was thrown out the window. My betterment of self was forgotten. I allowed this person to consume me so that I neglected everything else around me that had always been important to me.

Obviously when flesh gets in the way we go outside of Gods arrangements for us.

So now I am back in the mess that I had been free from for months before even accepting Christ in my life, and now being a new creature in Christ I’m back in the same situation.

Everything that may be under the sun may not be new, but the warnings that we receive are imperative to listen to because they are set in place to save our lives.

So here I am drunk in love. I believe this man is my end al,l be all. He must have been sent to be my husband. I mean the way he made my body feel? I think I saw the sun once in his arms, but all that was was a force to blind my mind and turn my heart away from God. My flesh is weak and the heart is desperate and wicked, how could I deny that present truth in God’s word. I needed to rely on God’s spirit. I needed to get Proverbs 5:6 so deep in my spirit to not lean on my own understanding and move pride out the way. That man had been sent as an assignment to kill me and I was blind to the fact.

My attitude began to change. My normally upbeat friendly spirit became darkened and mean with this confrontational spirit where no one was able to tell me anything. I had this Bonnie and Clyde mentality. Or Tupac. But it wasnt me. It was us against the world, and all the women that wanted him at my job and all the people that didn’t want to see our relationship prosper.

I fell deeper and deeper in sin, in my pride trying to prove a point to the rest of the world failing to see that my spirit was dying a slow death.

So drunk in love.

So ready to allow this man to take up every minute and every second of my time, my thoughts and my actions. I began to neglect my daughter so much so that people had to talk to me about my responsibility as a mother. Of course I wasn’t trying to hear that.

See my senses were dull. My ability to reason and use logic was gone. All I could see was this person. Well I couldn’t really see this person because my vision was blurred. I couldn’t see who they truly were. All I knew was how they made my flesh feel.

I was stumbling and falling. I was spending so much time talking to him on the walkie talkie while at work, that my dispatchers could not get through to me and I was not able to pay attention to certain things. I got called into the office with so many points on my record for that season, because I was running stop signs so busy talking to him. Approaching red lights too fast and to avoid a red light camera ticket stopping the bus abruptly almost sending my passengers hurling out of their seats. It was hard enough if nothing else to set my camera off on the bus so the bosses would be able to see how hard I was not paying attention.

Forget about church. I made it every Sunday but I never went to bible study. I was so busy in his home getting fed from his table and if he was keeping me from eating from God’s table then the question really was, whose table was I eating from. There is only one person that wants to keep us away from God. They may come with big packages, or big money to put in our hands, or big words to make us feel good, but if they are not helping us to get bigger in the spirit of God they come from our enemy, and what we fail to want to see because all that drunk in love has impaired our vision, and is stumbling our faith walk is that they really are our enemy.

See everyone that saw him saw me and vice versa. We were inseparable. The rumors were running around that we were about to run off and get married, and we were living together. I was in love. No I was drunk in love. Drunk in lust maybe. I had yet to realize he was my poison. That was until the one whom his heart really longed for came back. I was foolish to think that there was someone that was there literally just a couple months before me that was not still connected to his heart. So when they began to get bored with me, because they had used me to distract themselves from the hurt of that previous relationship, I started feeling the neglect of this person that had given me everything. This person had made me feel as if I was alive. Well the enemy can’t work to kill us with poison unless he first leads us to believe it is the best thing for us.

And since being drunk corrodes the liver so as not to allow our blood to be purified, now I was not allowing my spiritual liver to clean out the impurities of my flesh. I was drunk and my spiritual liver was corroded.

Well now i have to deal with the fact that he disappeared maybe not in the physical but in the spirit in his mind and in his heart. I was no longer a priority because the one that was connected to his heart had come back realizing there was a chance they were going to lose him because they saw the change in his behavior for someone else.

I didn’t realize how much my time was up until I was being dragged from his car in the pouring rain. Jumping on him, cutting my hand trying to hurt him and taking something that did not belong to me. I was so out of character, I almost didn’t realize who i was.

Maybe I was just drunk in love. I was confused. I would hear the word of God, but like a person that looks in the mirror and walks away immediately forgetting what I looked like I could not allow the words to get into my spirit to become a part of me.

That person had too much control over me. I became all the worst parts of them while they took on all the best parts of me.

Praise God. That season of unfaithfulness got me to a point of being in a spiritual coma and I realized Jesus was my lifeline. I had to prove faithful if he was going to wake me up from this situation I had gotten myself back in. I had to let go of my pride. I was humiliated at work while he told everyone all my business, the things I had shared with him you know pillow talk with a person that doesn’t really love you eventually becomes what’s the 411 hun information to broadcast to the world. However in that humiliation I was humbled. I had to learn that no one was to be placed above my God and if they were keeping me from what He has for me, then I was making them an idol in His place.

My God is a jealous God.

So. To all of the people that think its cute to be drunk in love. Drunk in life can have harmful physical effects over time, but drunk in love almost seems to take control of your life right away. I know the Beyonce I used to listen to before when Amazing Grace was at the end of the CD is a far cry different from this one where she is crawling on the beach back arched as if she is in heat. I thought love refined and made us better. Maybe that is her definition of better. Maybe some people base their betterment on physical things and not who they are on the inside. The word says what is in your heart comes out of your mouth.

All I know is I’ve been drunk in love before. Now I realize it was only lust.

My next relationship I aim to be sober in love, allowing God to refine and create a relationship built on bettering one another and becoming all He has called us to be. So I live this sacrificial life. In comparison to how beat up I have been not adhering to the principles set out for me, what used to be difficult is now easy. I thank God because I know it is only through the strength He has given me that I am able to do so.

Joshua 1:7 Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go.



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