To lash or not to lash.

So my pastor preached one Sunday and I heard him say being sanctified means being set apart. It doesn’t mean we don’t wear make-up. We just are set apart as light in the midst of darkness.

Ahhh there it is.

I’ve been doing this natural faced thing afraid to be me, not sure if it was okay. I mean controlling my flesh was never an easy task so the less attention the better. Thanks.

Coming into this new relationship with Christ I was so afraid of the person I used to be that I wanted to avoid her at all costs lest that old temperament came out. Lest those old behaviors came back and dominated. Lest any of those old exes tried to come back if they happened to see me. I mean my flesh is WEAK. So I pray for strength and courage daily. You know joshua one. Remind me Lord. I can be strong.

So it was always a process. Standing in front of my mirror for an hour applying each individual lash. It had always been a process creating an invisible part. I changed my hair up every two weeks. I should have had stock invested in the beauty supply store. I spent so much money and time there. I mean it was a fine art to me creating this aesthetic. I loved to put on make-up. I loved to make my presentation of self the best that it could be.

I mean my mother was the ultimate lady.

She started me in lady training early. But I was getting my hair done weekly at the age of twelve as well as my nails. I mean twelve. That seems a bit much. My daughter will be wearing plaits until she is eighteen like the children in one of my best friends’ family. No wonder every child in that family went to an ivy league like Harvard, Brown, MIT etc. They weren’t focused on aesthetics they were focused on building their inner personas first.

So here I am. I had been on a hair fast for the majority of last year. It was as if the Lord was showing me how to love me as I am. I was on a lash fast too. I was on a nail tech no gel fast, and very little make-up. In fact most of the times my face was completely natural.

So here we are in this new year. I have learned to love me again. With hair or without. With lashes or without. With nails, but since I have just learned how to be creative with my own nails I will do my own. I will take one day out of the week to make myself aesthetically pleasing. to me if no one else. I mean it should always be about God and me anyway.

I appreciated what pastor said. My physical representation does not set me a part. It is the inside of my heart. Thats why the account of Saul and David is one of my favorite accounts in the bible. When Samuel was looking for a replacement for King Saul after his disobedience, he completely overlooked David. David wasn’t as handsome or tall as Saul, but the Lord had to remind him that Samuel was only able to see the outer man but God was the only one able to see the heart.

God knows the heart. So whether I put on a lash, or a twenty two inch weave, He knows whether my heart is in good standing or not.

Queen Esther went through twelve months of beauty treatments. Can you imagine what type of treatments those were. Maybe she had some goat hair lashes too. Or nah? Anyway they were something to enhance her from her natural state to a state that allowed her to be better than she was. She was in stiff competition. She had to be chosen for such a time as she was chosen. And she was chosen.

I had my lashes in my make-up box for over six months having difficulty deciding if i was going to put them on. I mean its an easy process applying them one by one. To me anyway, but I was still lost in trying to understand this new person I have become.

So yes. I lashed. I lashed and fluttered my lashes and my daughter who cooed about how pretty they looked. I remind her daily. It is more important to be beautiful on the inside. Like what am I saying about people when they are not around. Does she hear me speak negatively about people when I am having conversations on the phone with my friends? Or does she hear me speaking life, encouraging them to be better tomorrow than they were today. Does she hear me gossiping about the latest mess on television or will she hear me praying with one of my sister friends? See I don’t want her to lessen her beauty to make others feel comfortable. I just want her to be a kind and loving upbuilding person that is willing to speak truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may make someone feel because it is in truth that we are stretched to our limits to become the best we can be. It is in that way that the ones that are for her will be comfortable with her regardless of what she looks like.

My physical aesthetic begins on the outside, but trust me the process of cleaning out this mess on the inside is still ongoing, and if I need to make my ugly faces all on the altar I will continue to do so. It is in His presence I get my healing.
I know who I am and am still struggling to understand who He called me to be. But whomever that person is. I am going to always make sure I at least try to present my best self and put my best foot forward.I know some people have issues with lashes, so if you want them do the research for yourself. Everything ain’t for everybody. Just like everyone isn’t for everyone, but what is for you take it enjoy it and if it is not breaking none of the laws of God apologize to no one for it. So that being said if that includes a full set of lashes. I’ll take it.Image Lash me please.



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