So last week I decided to walk to and from the store.


It was like a two mile trip with the walking around the store adding half a mile to my it.

Oh yeah. Fitness is awesome.

On my way home I decide to stop and let the little one go to the park. She tells me before we get there that she is no longer a baby and she does not need the baby swing, so she will be swinging on the big girl swing.

Awesome. I can’t pick my big girl uplike I could have last year with this disc bulging out my spine the way it is. I am used to taking herbs and all my herbalists live in Boston so there is no one to talk to about natural pain relief so the naproxen and norcos are rarely used. I just work through it. My body is strong. I can do it.

So when we get to the park its a different story. She needs to be lifted into a baby swing. What?!? I thought you were a big girl.

I hear my body screaming DON’T DO IT!

I love to live in disobedience. I will be delivered from disobedience this year. But anyway I did it.

I felt the pull in my back before she got up there good, yet I kept on going.

What is wrong with me?

I had fully pulled my back by the time she was down on the ground again and I was in so much pain I could barely walk. I felt like I did all over again when the vehicle smashed into me from behind last year. No, Lord. Not this again. I don’t even want to be treated for what is wrong with me now. Please don’t make me have to go through something else too.

So I go home.

I ask God what would be helpful to me. All of a sudden foam roller pops up into my mind. Great. I might invest. Until I look online and see that they are costing upwards of fifteen dollars. Then they are online so then I am going to have to wait until it gets shipped to me. I don’t have that kind of time. I am on a budget, that I have trouble adhering to and I am on week three of this fitness challenge. I want to move and go as far as I can in the challenge.

I mean why is it EVERYTIME I start a fitness regimen my body attacks me. See when the car hit my work vehicle last year I was putting in major work at the gym. Like four hours a day, at bootcamp, my werk class, some zumba and as always over an hour on the treadmill at incline fifteen. This was everyday. Every other day for bootcamp, but everything else was everyday. I know what my goals are and what it takes to get there requires major work. I’ve been a little lazy in my lifetime, but never towards the things I want. So here I am and I am like no, Lord, not again.

Please Lord, give me what I need to help this new injury heal. I am just getting used to exercising with this old one.

So I go to the mall the next day with my sister. She points out the five and below store. Oh yeah. When I go in there what do I find? Yes, a foam roller. Are you serious? FOR FIVE BUCKS!!!! Yes. Thank you Lord. You always hear me and you take such good care of me. He encouraged me to bring my sister with me, and she heard him say take Radiance into this store. Well maybe it didn’t go like that but I know He is constantly working in our lives so I knew it was him giving me what I needed to help my body heal.

I go home. I stretch. I roll. I stretch and roll some more. I probably would have had better results had I applied heat. But I took three days off from my rigorous routines you know all that Shaun T madness, just to do a few things that I have designed for myself. In the middle of those things I stretch.

Yesterday after I get home from church I feel nothing. I feel as if I never pulled anything. I mean from barely able to walk to feeling no strain, pull, or anything close to it. God is good.

The experts have their ideas on stretching and not stretching. I have my own. Listen to your body, and stretch after workouts. It helps the muscles stay flexible and are more prone to those lean muscles instead of the bulky contracted one. Experts say stretching lengthens a muscle 1.6 inches past its resting state. Awesome.

There is a difference in stretching. There is dynamic stretching that is not held for longer than two seconds and static stretching that is held for thirty to sixty seconds. They say dynamic stretching gets one prepared for the exercise in question, but static stretching can actually damage the muscle.

I mean listen to your body. I did the static stretch for my injury, but I have a working knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology to figure out what is connected to what. Thank God he moved me to take Anatomy & Physiology I and II. I don’t think it was in the plan to take them at the same time. But hey I will take the A and the B+ I was given that semester.

So I stretch. I stretch my pains and roll the aches out of my body. I am grateful. I truly do always have what I need to reach the success that has been outlined for me. All I need to do is pay attention, and take heed by listening and being open to hearing what it is I am supposed to hear.

I am forever grateful that I am being Streeeetttccchhhhhed. I want these heights. A life without limits sounds like a life worth living.




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