I am having the hardest time with this Katy Perry single.

Has anyone else really paid attention to the lyrics?

I mean her Grammy performance was enough but I had already been doing research on the group of people in the music industry that have strayed all the way to the left.

I mean from the way Beyonce was so  nonchalant in that elevator one would almost think someone had a spell on her.

One might just think it.

One might think that somewhere out there over the rainbow it’s some people playing with magic. Or at groves. Or getting in too deep with owl play and mock sacrifices.

There is some weird stuff going on in the world. Not a surprise when we know who has all the cards and tricks up his sleeve.

A great enemy.

Sooooo circa 1998. I had just made it to Boston. Marcel was sending me 143 texts every morning and coming to my job in the afternoon after he got out of school. I would anticipate his arrivals so much so that I would always ask the mother figure, Marie, that worked the fine arts area of Filenes Basement with me if she thought he was coming on days I really wanted to see him. She would give her opinion. Most times they would be so dead on that all of us girls at the basement learned to come to her with our Q&A.

One of the girls figured since Marie was Haitian she would know about something in their culture that the girls mother in law told her to do to keep her man at home.

I listened to the strangeness of the talk. It seemed so wrong. Why would someone want to do something so disgusting was besides me. I was still seventeen. Still not having relations. And Marcel still was not pressuring me.

Remember some women you sleep with and some you marry was his infamous motto. So I never had to worry about him coming back to me and if he didn’t my flesh had not gotten attached to something that did not belong to me.

So I listened intently.

Marie confirmed the girls suspicions of whether it would work or not but warned her. She had watched many people in Haiti play a dangerous game. She said anything worth having would be there for you. You should never have to make a person stay.

She explained that the relationship would be volatile. They would fight all the time never able to find peace with each other because of the ungodly union. If one tried to leave the other it may just get deadly.

I shook my head. That was too much information for my young mind. I had been raised born and bred on the Bible. I knew this thing she was speaking of was something that the God I had learned to love through His word detested.

So I detested it too.

I noticed the change in the girl once she failed to heed the words of Marie and I began to dislike her too.

His word does say to hate the things he hate right? But it’s politically correct to sugar coat.

Oh well. I’ve always been a Solange type of woman. Censoring myself has always been hard.

When I say I see people I can’t see anything past what I already have been exposed to.

I saw the change in that young Cape Verdean woman’s eyes and started avoiding her altogether. I felt something.

I felt it again five years later. I was smoking heavily so my memory fails me on how I wind up becoming friends with Marcel’s girlfriend that he was dealing with before me. By this time he was happily married so she and I just recounted his goods traits while spending too much time together.

It was really only too much time because of the things her mother did in the house. I knew I felt something so when I asked and she confirmed, I just smoked more.

Why was all these people constantly being like a third party in my life?

Like the girl at my job was never my friend. My friends mother didn’t talk to me too much. So I watched from a distance.

My Trinidadian friends mother liked to play with magic. The same type Katy Perry seems bold enough to talk about, demonstrate at the Grammy’s and we foolish enough to listen to.

People that play with magic never like me. My hatred of them is so strong before I even knew. It would always be that feeling of there is just something about that person.

The eyes. Those pictures really are worth a thousand words. The demonic glare of red eyes glassy eyes that only catch one of the people in the picture. I mean if it is a camera glitch everyone’s eyes would be strange right.


When I say I see people. I only see people in my past that remind me of the person. A similar spirit. That only means they are going to be a  reenactment of the person I knew before.

A man that reminds me of a cheating ex winds up being a cheater. A reminder of a two faced friend becomes a backstabber. A person reminding me of a peaceful loving friendship becomes a confidant I can rely on. My Lil sister reminded me of me and when I saw her reveal her ways I saw my younger days being replayed. No wonder we connected. I’ve already passed the tests she is now about to receive.

So I’m getting ready to have my baby five years ago. Something was amiss. Mostly because of the name tattooed but now covered up on my daughters fathers chest.

He didn’t want to love her but he couldn’t stay away.

His sister said every time he got into a relationship with the girl he lost everything. The first time it was an apartment. A relationship he couldn’t understand why he world walk away from when it was perfect for him.

All for a woman that kept him fighting like Ike did Tina. Joy peace and happiness were out of grasp. See when we were together the light of love shined on his face. His family saw a difference. The people around him did too.

Something about her kept him running back.

Why a person would purposely choose a path of destruction is beyond me. Unless their eyes are wide shut. Or they are being blinded by a great enemy who keeps transforming himself into an Angel of light and who’s servants  transform themselves into those that pretend to practice righteousness. They turn the tables on the good guy and make you believe they are the bad.

I am always leery of a person that just has so much random negative stuff to say about an individual. Or a person that comes with the he say she say. I mean why are you creating divisions unless you hiding something yourself?? Unless you are hiding something and the person you are trying to turn me against is holding the key to unlock some doors I need to walk through.

See right now it’s all about freedom.

If they were practicing these things in Bible times as bad as things have gotten on the earth what would make one think they have stopped.

They have gotten worse and ever so much more blatant.

Katy Perry’s dark horse. There is a whole book about magic and sorcery call dark horse. I googled it. SROP at UIC showed me how easy it is to research and learn as much as one can to avoid darkness. It was strange to see the cover with the same goat like symbol Beyonce has been caught wearing on her fingers and Kanyes new line of clothing sports.


“My people perish for a lack of knowledge.”

Of all the things I have heard about Beyonce being a part of a group that promotes darkness I can’t believe that she is aware. She has been sheltered from the outside world since very young. Maybe she just follows the lead of others. Maybe the stylists and videographers introduce her to these things. Maybe she is just an inactive participant watching things unfold as she did in the elevator.

We sing along and think nothing of it. We support these artists and know nothing about these behind the scenes lives. Talk is just that. People think success is what proves what type of tree one is. Not understanding that the god of this system is blinding the mind of unbelievers. If he could offer Jesus all the trinkets of the world why would he stop having the power to do so today.

Anyway. So you want to play with magic?

Nah not me. I pray the Holy Spirit continually leads me and directs me away from the things displeasing to God. The things he abhors. I pray for self control so when he calls me to fast I can do so.  I mean forty days of not eating is not so bad. If God calls you to it he will assist you through it. I know. Firsthand. I never want to be so hell bent on the material possessions of this world that it is what becomes my final resting place. So I let Him put me in the fire now. Refine me so I can come out like silver and be tested like gold.

So many think it’s a game they just better be careful of what steals their time and attention. Puts nothing good in their heart and mind but they stay falling for. That person that won’t ever allow you out of their grasp for too long lest God send an Angel to minister to you to allow you to find freedom. That person that puts fear in you at the thought of them leaving you. I mean they always threatening something. Mind control. But God never gave us a spirit of fear. He gave us power love and a sound mind.

Something about manipulation tactics of those that need to use ungodly ties to hold onto people they are not assigned to.

Perfect storms come to destroy ones life and destiny.

So maybe sister Solange was mad at Jay for the part he has played in something we will never know that has changed her sister in ways a child of destiny would have never believed.

Or maybe she was drunk.

We will continue to speculate but one things for sure there is a lot of eerie things happening in the music world today.

Open your eyes. To see really see. Hear and really hear. No one wants to stay in darkness forever.

Unless someone had spelled it out for them to see things their way only.

But God. God has a way of bringing all things to the light. Exposing the wickedness of men. So see there are always options. And as long as yours line up with God in heaven the creator of all things and not the god of this world we live in then Our Father in heaven will lead you everywhere you need to be.

Just follow His lead. He will send the Holy Spirit to lead you. He is the God that never leaves you and cannot fail. Watch Him work.


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