I wouldn’t confess with my lips.

That one thing that it seemed like I wouldn’t say it.

I knew my finances seemed a little funny. Not haha funny but question mark funny.

Like how is it the money that comes into my household is more than it was when I had a nine to five job but I find it slipping through my fingers.

Could be the exotic hair body waved that just came direct from China. I mean I keep making these choices with my money.

I mean it could be outfits for all the June birthdays I’ve recently been invited to. Yes. All four people I met last week have birthdays in June.

Ya girl must be fly.

Maybe that’s the reason all my money is flying out the window.

This materialistic mindset. You know money set to the side for my Jordan’s and my daughter’s. Really? Is this necessary?

No its not.

I saw a post that said wealth is quiet poor is flashy.

What is it about disenfranchised and impoverished people that feel the need to make people think they are in a higher economic bracket?

Why do we care what others have to say about what we have?

Someone said to me a few days ago I should be further along than I am. I wondered if this had anything to do with the hoop deville I drive. Well I prayed to God for a car and He put it on someones heart to put keys title and registration in my hands. That gift from God is my treasure. I can afford a new car but getting there is more important than what it looks like during the process.

I learned that during the last 11 weeks of this twelve week weight loss journey. Its been about the end result. Not what it looked like during the process. The process is designed to be ugly. If it were pretty everyone would go through it so easily. The process is designed to make us rely heavily on God because its not what it looks like but more so its potential to become.

Ahhah. I’ve finally gotten it.

See I’ve never been intent on storing up treasures on earth. Things fall apart Black Thought via The Roots style. I mean if you were worried bout where. I been or who I saw or. What club I went to with my homies. Baby. Don’t worry.

You thought that you had me.

Yeah. The devil thought he had me. because I was about to do what I do best. Whatever that is. This work ethic of mine is crazy to go and get something flashy to stunt with.

Instead of using my resources to fund my dream I was going to use my resources to fund someone’s opinion of me.

Why would I let the opinions of man define me when they can’t even direct their own steps let alone design me?

So. All of a sudden out of nowhere money start flowing in. A bill here. A fifty there. Its raining men. Benjamin’s and franklins. Thank you Lord.

He always provides.

I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor their seed beg for bread.

I continue to be a seed sower. Not for the pretense of material treasure. Sounds stressful to me. Working to pay for a persons view of you.

I hope they see me clearly where I’m at. The peace. The love. The peace tho. The love.

Yes. I have the fundamentals. I have some extras. I mean I’m going to do a mean shoulder flip with all 26 inches of this exotic hair. But most importantly I have the approval of God. Living to please Him means that many are going to reject me. I mean didn’t they do it to my Savior.

Point well taken.

So. Now that I know my material possessions can not define me i walk in victory. Here I was thinking someone else was the Victor when in actuality with what looks like nothing to show. I’m still winning.

And so I stand victorious. Failing to live the lives others claim for me.

And that is to receive a prize that only God can give me.

And for that. I am forever thankful. I will continue to speak those things that are not as though they are. That power of life and death. Yes it is real.

So what is your speak easy gab fest confessing with your lips?


3 thoughts on “What did you say?

  1. Love love love this. Youre a gem! Youve got it! Perfect daughter of Christ. I can feel Him smiling at you. 🌻🌻

    1. Thank you! So are you! I am thankful for the encouragement because the enemy would like me to believe I am who he says I am. Not a daughter of the true and living God! Yes. Whose report will I believe? *big smile* I am so thankful I found your blog lady!!

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