They call it the good Samaritan law.

That’s where someone who has expertise and experience comes to the aid of a person that may be experiencing trauma.

That way if you break a couple of bones doing CPR the person cannot sue you.

There is a protection for people that come to the aid of others.

People that stop what they are doing to save another’s life.

What about those that do spiritual CPR. Those that see a person dying in pain from their circumstances and will stop to speak life into their dying situation.

What kind of good Samaritan law is there for that?

Instead you have those that gain their strength back from their grieving situations looking down at the person that came to assist and who lost some of their breath breathing into them. Are you really going to sit there sitting back and WATCH me fall to pieces when I allowed God to use me to spoon feed you His word when you were too weak to pick up a spoon for yourself?

Word? its like that?

The best thing about carrying out assignments is that one never looks to man for rewards.

I know who my source and my provider is.

However, watching the lifeless forms come back and take on the role of the heartless is much appreciated. It keeps one from getting too attached to what is an assignment.

So I finally joined a gym today. In keeping with making my body a temple for the Holy Spirit its all about self improvement.

I get to talking to someone and she says let everything Go. If a man isn’t bringing flowers, dating and courting then what is he in your face for?

I’m like yes. I love flowers. So much so that before Christ I got a calalily put on my inner ankle.

Right on sister. Yes. Must set boundaries and limitations on who we are and the good we have to give others. What one sits back to watch fall apart the next will come to build and lift up.

That’s what men do right? Build protect provide and cherish.

You know the good Samaritan did not leave what was valuable, a hurting neighbor on the side of the road to die.

He didn’t even know the fellow. He went to him and helped him.

He gave him the attention he needed and they weren’t even the same.

I guess when that happens you get treasure you didn’t even know was waiting on you.

Sometimes, what has your best interest at heart are those that look nothing like yourself.

I went to a place to give God Glory as is the usual practice these days.

Many of the ones there looked nothing like me. They gave me so much love. For the first time I heard someone tell me what my destiny contained. I could only believe it because I had already been shown that. It was only confirmation. The first thing God gave me and showed me about myself for 2013 was confirmed at the end of the year by a woman who looked nothing like me.

My good Samaritan breathed life into me. Prayed for and with me as I hit the rocky highs and lows of what my life has become as I get hit with every obstacle known to man to prevent me from becoming all God has created me to be.

So. With a good Samaritan law in place, I can’t help but wonder why some sit back and watch you nearly drown. I have my theories but since I can’t direct my own steps I will not assume.

Some watch. Some do. I guess my advice for the day is just be careful whom you let get close to you.


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