Night time has always been my time.

I am most productive in darkness and find light is the best time for me to rest. Funny how it has been in the light of God where He has shown how He gives rest to His beloved.

Yes. I’m resting.

So I wonder how did society turn things around? Changed the format of Gods year. Changed the format of His day. Darkness was already there. He created heaven and earth then he called for light to come forth. He worked in the darkness.

Yes. I find my best work in the night hours. I write my best pieces of poetry. I can’t wait to start performing again. Yes Lord. I’m getting ready.

Release me.

Release me. Free to be all I have been created to be. Creatively effectively maneuvering metaphors and similes so easily. Appease me perceive me that like rivers flow I will submerge until I purge all that prevents me from giving abundantly. Yes. I want to dance repeatedly.

Over and over. Twists turns. My turn up is real. My natural high is innate.

I am moving commanding taking over this beat.

A not so difficult feat.

I’ve always let the rhythm move me. Now I’m letting my Savior show me which one is truly for me.

Yes Lord.

I am diligently insistent on living obediently. Sacrificially.

I know I serve a God who honors sacrifice.

A praise with my lips or one with my feet.

I sing. I dance. Mostly separately.

So. I find that most jobs that were assigned to me in the midnight hours allowed me that alone time to get out the work that God placed within me.

It usually was me trying to do my own thing and foregoing the words of God that He placed in my ‘gut’ or I liked to call ‘intuition’. Nope. How dare I think I’m that smart when a creator found me foundationally in need of forming when he put my puzzle pieces together when He put the two together that would each give their thirteen.

You know chromosomes. Roadmaps to define me genetically.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

So night time is the right time.

To resist the devil and he will flee.

Because God created you to become. Something someone. Greatness. So who will you choose to be?


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