I watch people.

In observation there is so much wisdom.

There are those whom I have watched that do a certain thing.

They hold onto others peoples past to try and create an anchor and reasons why that person can’t rise up into the destiny that God our Father formed us in the womb to be.

I often wondered why.

Why would a person continue singing the same song and dance when it is not even their story to relay?

Could it be the failure the person feels when thinking of their own lives?

See financial success has nothing to do with dreams and goals.

I have a bucket list. I have done over three quarters of the things I wanted to do on that list. So I can find peace.

I have been made a new creature in Christ so I don’t look to man to define me. Rather than that. I look at the person pointing the fingers And try to figure out where their misery is coming from.

Happy people really don’t concern themselves with mess and trash of another’s life. They associate with happy people. They look for things that will increase their measure of happiness. They look for things that will make them better.

A class at the community college for the teenage mom who never fulfilled her dreams of a college education. A business stint for those who dreamed of standing alone.

I mean its better to go for what will make one happy than sit back and wonder what if. In the middle of the what ifs is the conversation about those that try.

Praise God. He never gave us a spirit of fear. At least they tried.

Voices that rise in condemnation experience their own calamities. Sit back. Wait. Watch. Pray.



You would be surprised the people that have the ugliest things to say are the people that need the most love.

I understand.

In hurt, words become weapons of destruction when a person doesn’t have enough love of self to rebuild their inner self.

I am teaching my daughter.

When she sees something nice she goes to tear it down. I told her. She will not destroy. She with upbuild.

Yes. Any type of destruction leads to self destruction. Then people who have a hard time controlling what comes out of their mouths cannot control what goes in. Now there is a group of people lacking self control on a path of self destruction. Because its nearly impossible to tear another down and build ones own self up.

What a tragedy.

So. As I continue to purge and remove all that has hurt, offended, nearly destroyed me I practice self control. I had a IG post that says 2 weeks no cheats. How about thirty days?

Cheer me on. Be careful of the words you speak. Someone once said they have a boomerang effect. There is a God in heaven listening to everything. I know. He heard mine. He held me accountable.

Accountability. Not as easy as one would like to believe but its a mark of growth.

To growth. Without it the only thing left is stagnancy which leads to death. Spiritual, emotional and physical death.

I mean how much better is life to live when one is intent on living?


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