I have never understood why women take on the attitudes, opinions, friendships and enemies of other women.

Just because someone was not a good fit for that person doesn’t mean you will have the same experience.

I think it may have something to do with this sheeple mentality that we must follow the leader and if you don’t have a leader in heavenly realms that you have learned to follow following the opinions of man becomes second nature.

These dolls ain’t loyal!

When I have a friend I am a friend to the end. Talking sister friends off a mental ledge as they read suicide letters to me. Reminding them of their self worth when a man came along to destroy it. Giving of myself constantly. In love with seeing people be better tomorrow than yesterday.

One woman was almost going to let her husband slip out of her hands because of their huge age difference. I said why care about age? This person might become your husband. He did. She asked my daughter to be in the wedding before she ‘forgot’ to invite me. So I allowed it and wished them the best from my work vehicle. I mean I needed a little time to get time off from work.

All is well.

Opinions though.

I think of how many women keep messy women in their lives who keep divisions between them and another and wonder how long will you allow the enemy to keep you seperared from something that may just be refreshing to your spirit.

The person designated to speak life into you is constantly being placed under attack by the one who keeps pouring toxic opinions into tour spirit.

That mess is heavy. For real I know.

That’s why I had to release them from their post. I did my job. Carried out my assignment. Spoke life. Their lives are better than ever. So I move to my best life. People who love me. People who cover me, in prayer and keep my hurts to themselves. Instead of exposing my nakedness like Ham exposed Noah in Noah’s weakened and drunken state.

I was a friend for real. A family member for real. I’ll go to my grave with secrets that would cause people to look away in contempt and judgement. Or at the very least fictionalize situations in my upcoming novels.

I believe as women its time to stop basing our opinions of others on another persons experience. There are always three sides to the story. One persons perspective, the other persons outlook and the unadulterated truth.

I mean isn’t that what the devil did to Eve in the garden? He made her question the relationship she had with the one that would keep her in a good place. The place of her dreams. He turned her against God.

He still dividing and conquering. Keeping people away from people that will direct them to a better place a better state of mind and freedom. Because in freedom from the bondage of our painful pasts are we free to let a relationship with our Creator be forged and solidified.

I don’t know about you. But I want everything God has for me. I am always curious about a person someone has so much bad to say. That person may be the key to opening the doors of my kingdom. So I open my mind. I’m not confined by the box of another persons opinion.

Unveiled and unfiltered. I want the truth, so I seek it. I’m a researcher I guess it comes easy to me.

Opinions are personal. But motives gone unchecked there is always something or some reason a person wants to portray another in a negative light.

So I seek I find and I make my own deductive reasonings. You never know the hypothesis might not match the conclusion. But you will never know until you get tour own set of findings.

You can stand still or dig deep. Somebody will dig just make sure the one that is constantly trying to make another your wnwmt is not the real enemy digging your grave around you with the destructive outlooks and negative words.

We come to live the life Christ gave us to live more abundantly.

So how much longer will you stand and allow an enemy to kill, steal and destroy?


3 thoughts on “Whose really the enemy?

  1. This is really interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger.
    I’ve joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more
    of your magnificent post. Also, I’ve shared your web site in my social networks!

    1. Thank you. To God be the glory. He gives me a talent with words I must use it to bring Him honor and praise for the changes in my life. Thank you for stopping by to read. I hope the words will continue to captivate you and peak your interest.

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