I didn’t know she would change my life!

I saw a young woman quiet, ready to learn and something about her reminded me of me. Maybe it was the hurt she veiled in her eyes.

I recognize that which reminds Me of me.

Maybe it was the strength. I saw the world nestled in between delicate shoulders. Yet she held her head up like a crown of feathers graced her head.

The word says to show hospitality to strangers because those in times past have entertained angels.

The big mouth girl in the class had no problem asking me for a ride from home to 95th and Cicero for our clinicals. However, my sister was quiet. I suggested. Yes I was going two miles out of my way but I felt that urging. I insisted.

I didn’t know she would save my heart.

I didn’t know she would save my outlook of family.

I did not know she would be my sister.

I had just gotten a job eight months after I met her. With all the drama a venomous snake put in my life I had no babysitter, but God placed her there for a reason. I had to be at work at 5:30 am. Which meant with no car at this point I would have to get up at 1:30 am. Be out my house by 2:30 to get to her house by 3:30 am. This would allow me the hour and a half to travel to Niles, IL.
And she took care of my baby for those ten and twelve hour days barely paid. She was my blessing.

Her family became my family. Mother making sure I have Thanksgiving dinner and Sunday dinners. Mother and Aunts watching my daughter when we need a little mommy time sans the children.

I invited her to my New Life. She saw how my life had changed. She saw the clear skin free from smoking as I began to change and look more her age than my own. She saw the heavy loads being lifted. She knew my story but she saw the new found joy in my step.

She became my friend.

We celebrated her twenty fifth birthday this weekend. We danced. We ate. We laughed. Felt sand in between our toes and lived our lives like it was golden. Reggae wind made the smiles on our face look as sincere as they were.

We felt freedom.

See she worked hard. Taking care of responsibilities that most twenty five year olds never do turning to men or schemes or heists and shadiness. But deciding to live a sacrificial life means pretty women don’t use their looks to get by, but simply rely on the Lord!

I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor their seed beg for bread.

See in a society where people look at dresses, or hairstyles, or activities and pass judgement not knowing the heart of the person not being God Almighty I had been afraid to enjoy myself.

So we danced. We left fear at the back door. We walked into freedom. We had such a good time. We ate, drank, and was merry. The excitement of the merriment was enough to help us forget the past dissappointments, the people who left and were a blessing to learn from but not in the last chapters of our stories.

We felt like such ladies when we walked through.

So to my sister. Happy birthday.

Who is my mother, brother and sisters? Those who hear the word of God and do it. People pass judgements not wanting to deal with their own stuff like idle gossip, judgements, cursing etc.

The list goes on.

Let the one without sin cast the first stone.

No justifications and no excuses. We just want to enjoy life. Live the life that Jesus came so that we could live in more abundance. No worry, sorrow, or tears in our EYES. Smiles plastered on our faces, we celebrated life.

So to celebrations. No apologies necessary. Live to love life and those that come to make yours easier. Forgetting all that came to hurt you.

And its just that simple.

We did. We came, we danced. We stand in victory.

It really is just that easy!


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