Me and Mickey fickey have never been friends.

I didn’t care how many cones he wore on top of his head the thin tail sticking out of his shorts made him by nature part of a clan I don’t mess with.

Rodents. Ech!!

I could remember as a child even in my mother’s spotless home the mouse dying in my view. So awakening out of my sleep I turned over to see a lifeless figure in my hallway and scream bloody murder.

Fast forward a teenager. I heard it rustling. I put my feet up. He ran up my legs. Just go head and stick a fork in me. The scream I emitted was enough to make the blood do what milk would after sitting in July heat for two weeks.

That’s right. I curdled a couple of pints that day.

I never got past it. Even when I had my own place. I never let a man live with me for extended periods. Visit and go. So when the mouse decided to die in front of the step going into my bathroom I ran to my bed covered my head, called my boyfriend who put his key in the lock and laughed at me lovingly.

Yes. He came to my rescue.

Fast forward. Today. Well now, yesterday. I saw it. Fattest guy I had seen. The building is old. I don’t keep enough food in my house to get a mouse like that. I knew he was a visitor, not a resident. But he was dead under my chair.

I began to think of who I could call. One cousin upstairs. One cousin below. My uncle underneath him. Or wait until granddad gets home from work.

Yes my seventy six year old grandfather still works twelve hour shifts but that’s another story.

All these men around and I decide to get it up myself.


I couldn’t even scream. I was on the phone with someone I needed to make a good impression on.

I heard a voice in my head say what are you afraid of? Its already dead.

In that I realized. God has not given me a spirit of fear. Anything I am afraid of is already dead.

Take that past.

You’re already dead. That which came to keep me bound by fear is already dead.

It died so I could live.

I scooped that sucker in a box so fast and got rid of him. All unwanted pests have to be removed.

See I allowed someone in my inner circle because of the things I was fearful of. Fearful of pests, and fearful of being alone.

Yes I have combatted and overcome both.

I am victorious.

I have defeated my enemies by overcoming my fears. Just that simple. Who would’ve thought it would be just that simple?

It is. Combat fears to walk in victory. See the real win. Learn from losses just don’t wallow in them.

See the only way to soar with eagles is to overcome a fear of heights. The only way to get up is to accept that imperfect people fall. The only way to gain is to release. See in order to gain you must give.

A sacrifice.

See I gave up my fear and gained a feeling of authority and dominion.

Yes Lord you have given me power to tread. So I let not anything come to overtake me.

Walking with purpose to my destiny. No fear can hinder me. No pests can bother me.

I do what I must and have faith that everything becomes exactly what it’s supposed to.


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