It’s amazing how we are all walking around in this world like a Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise movie.

Eyes wide shut.

I haven’t seen it since it came out in ’99 but I think it was about how people walk around and don’t even notice what is right in front of them.

That’s how we are today with these phones in our hands.

Directors always tell us what is on societies agenda for the common folk. They feel so many are too clueless to notice something right under their nose.

But how many movies showed those twin towers falling??

Okay enough with the conspiracy speech.

I on the other hand decided to open my eyes.

It was actually thrown at me. My phone could not be charged. Some how I misplaced my charger. Probably the same way I misplaced the earrings that came with my pretty bracelet.

I figured had I not been all on IG, FB, or texting I would have known. I would have known had I been willing to pay attention.

So here I am no phone. These Galaxy’s only charge with Samsung cords so now I am off to Verizon to pay for a new charger. In the meanwhile I went three days no FB IG or phone communication.

I had come to enjoy my  electronic fast that I decided to do it until after church, besides I was tired and felt my introverted nature could be fed with some alone time.

Little did I know I was going to allow my Eyes to be opened to see that the gospel fest was this weekend. Only in my obedience to get on this public transportation instead of taking care of the car could I see that this summer will have many options and outlets of fun for little to no cost.

So. Stress free. No internet drama. I have no drama. Reading other peoples rants and shady no shade posts is draining. Anyway having no anchorage allowed me the opportunity to get up for my service. 11:30 is mine. I just be visiting with the 1:30. Or so I thought.

I get what I need. Pastor preached on being a seed sower. On being a giver. If I don’t know how to do anything else I have been a giver. Only to prove the only child theory wrong. In the beginning. Now when God says give. I release.

He talked about the talents. The one who had one buried his. The one who had two got two more and the last one with five received five more plus the one talent of the buried treasure guy.

So in teaching us how to sow Pastor had us all take a dollar out. He had it exchange hands a few times. At the 11:30 service I had nothing returned to me. Pastor said well praise God anyway for what’s to come. So I did.

Now truth be told I didn’t want to stay for 1:30 service. I heard God tell me to stay. So I stayed.

During the same dollar demonstration I gave another dollar but this time I ended the demonstration with something different than I did in the 11:30 service. Plus a woman who was so caught up in praising God received a financial blessing as people ran over to throw money in her direction.

No one knows why God chose her. He rewards his faithful.

So. I’m charged. I’m in a good place. the praise and heavy God feeling was high afterwards. I love the high happy feeling i get after praising God realo good andd he sits heavy on my heart. So of course I’m more than ready to go to the gospel fest after church. The blessings keep coming. I have not been released to talk about them as of yet, however my daughter and I had such a beautiful time that I lay in my bed now with praises on my lips and a content smile on my face.

See I could have ignored what God wanted me to do caught up in internet reminders of a past life. Exes going places that our last encounter together had us going the same place and sent me on a suicide mission eight years ago. Self destruction was the motto.

But I’ve changed.

As I sat and talked to the Lady at the gospel fest she was quick to say how sweet I am.

I chuckled and shook my head.

To God be the Glory. Nobody did this but him. Who I used to be and who I am now is like a total 180. Like Tye Tribbett spoke on repentance. Yes I was sorry for the way I used to live. So I showed God my repentance by changing. The devil thought he had me! i jumped high when that song came on. I know that story first hand. But I got delivered. I can’t do this on my own. I can’t do this unless Jesus presents me to the Father and as my High Priest prays for me to present my sacrifices to the Father. I can’t get this without first going through the Son. I mean He did tell us He is the light of the world and whomever is with Him will not walk in darkness.

I digress, or elevate. Either way the lady smiled. I didn’t give her the long soliloquy. I just Gave God the glory and continued enjoying my night.

When it was time to leave had I been on my phone I world have missed the green line transfer from thirty fifth. I made a friend on that track because the phone was not taking my attention away. And when I got on my next transfer the guy with the spikes and black clothing that I started a conversation with asked where was I coming from and me talking about the gospel fest opened him up to declare he is a believer.

The music artist he left me with as he missed his stop and got off at mine brought tears to my eyes when I finally got home to break my electronic fast.

The title alone. Army of the Lord.

I mean who is to say who is approved or denied by God except for Jesus himself. Not man. Not deeds or feigned piety.

So no to judging a book by it’s cover. The man in all black called my daughter mija as if he knew her personally. The love in his voice was endearing. He did not scare me. Most people do not. We all have a story.

Again as I say repeatedly. My only assignment to maintain is to love my neighbor as myself. That’s what the man in all black reinforced that movement would break down so many barriers. Yes.

I have sown. I have sacrificed.

But what does that matter if I don’t love the one next to me. And what happens if I can’t ever see them because I am trapped in my own world. I am thankful.  My eyes have finally been opened. Rain gone. Lord reign on me.

See I tell you bout these latter days.

Yes. Thank you Lord. He has and will continue to be good to me!


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