My mouth.

Whooo. It has gotten me in serious trouble. My mother used to tell me either I should have been a lawyer, or my mouth was going to get me in serious trouble.

I heard those words echoing as I sat in a backseat hands behind my back.

Lord help me please.

So today.

A little boy is about to walk in the street trying to follow behind a little girl. I know the child is not hers so I ask whom I perceive to be the mother if the child was the little girls child. She says no. It’s my son.

So I should have shut up and begin praying.

You already know I did not.

I said why should she have to take responsibility of a crying child that is not hers?

Needless to say fanning a fire with a snow blower, and throwing buckets of gasoline will not make it die down.

I walked away though.

Slowly. I can’t move fast after sets of three reps of fifteen and 110lbs per leg. That was just one set of nine exercises. You get my drift! Yes my duck waddle is real. Spaghetti legs last long after the next day of leg day for me personally.
I did however stop to look at the rant of a preteen, paused almost as if daring her to get her mother as she kept promising to do. Then wanting to question the mother about her daughters lack of respect. But I stopped. I knew where this was probably headed.

No conversing necessary.

I mean my cousins work for the county. In order to get over a fear you must face it. So no. I wasn’t afraid of that which can touch the body but cannot touch my soul. I faced that fear. Overcame victorious in an overturn, overturn, overturn. I can’t go back to whom I used to be so IT SHALL BE NO MORE!

However, what would my Daddy say?

The LITTLE GIRL called me every name but a child of God. I had to remind myself. She was still a child. With adult responsibilities and an adult mindset.

See I believe in letting kids be kids. I know what a missing childhood looks like. Without the added responsibility of other children. My mother worked too much. Nowadays however, parents turn up, children stay at home on game consoles and TV controls never knowing what a childhood looks like.


I kept quiet. Finally and kept it moving. My summer blessing had God give me just what I asked for so I relished it! And afterwards headed to my me time.

On my way home. I got on the train and tried to avoid eye contact with the man with the gun tattoo on his forehead, and the other various tattoos all over.

However, when he said , “I don’t know why that dude kept staring at me. I mean a grown man staring down another grown man.”After his rant he scoffed in disgust.

Really dude?

Not just any gun but a machine gun is sitting right above your left eyebrow. I think you may just be an attention getter and conversation starter.

I almost said that.

But I heard, “hush. Be still.”

Maybe not those exact words but it was in my spirit from the conversation I had before getting on the train. I knew I had better be quiet.

But I laughed. Loudly. Raucously. If anyone knows me well enough to know what a good laugh sounds like. Yes it was almost there. It was loud. It was long. My daughter joined in the party.

So I began to tickle her. I began to barrage her arms and face with kisses. Something about being in a joyful place to turn a negative into a positive.

I caught machine gun tattoo man staring at me so I smiled.

I saw the smile dancing around his lips. I saw the smile in his eyes. Watching happy people somehow makes you forget you were on a ranting tirade and want to join in on the fun.

I guess for him it did.

As I was getting off the train I purposely walked in his direction to address him and his companion.

“You guys have a good night.”

He replied, “Thank you, and you have a better one. And stay sweet.”

I smiled in acknowledgement.

They say energy is not destroyed its transferred. My baby is such a sweet heart. All my time spent with only her is rubbing off on me. As God renews my mind and my heart I get an opportunity to see sweet and happy all the time in action. It makes me want to do better. It makes me want to make sure she doesn’t have fancy shoes so she can walk into some awesome experiences this summer.

So we reserve our money for the real turnup. Turn up with my daughters laughter being at the root of my natural high, as Gods Spirit leads us to the places that will put a refreshing fresh wind on our lives.

It hasn’t been easy for us.
But walking away from the people that hurt us with words and their negative values and opinions have given us an irreplaceable bond.

No complaints. No shade. No judgements leave room for happy thoughts.

Someone told me today. “I am kind of biased about my emotions. I only like the ones like happy, joyful you know.” I laughed and said yes. Happy people are contagious.

Another awesome day. More awesome encounters. People are exactly who you say they are because you treat them based on your perception of them.

So here I am. My heart is lingering towards walking in love and walking in the no judgement zone. You never know who has come to be a blessing to you. I mean in times past didn’t they entertain angels unbeknownst.

Happy lives create great memories. Its never been about the things. The real treasure lies in what is unseen. Until it becomes manifest in our behaviors.

So to an awesome summer. Live more abundantly and enjoy the people that are there to share it with you.


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