I have no desire to fit in with the crowd.

Been there done that. It was fake fun in middle school pretenses.

Don’t you see how cool we are because we speak pig Latin and you don’t understand. We do fun stuff like place hostess chocolate cupcakes on the seat as the teacher is about to sit down.

We tease people unjustly. Turn our noses up at whom we deemed undesirables. You know girls who had x, or their parents had z. I mean who wants to eat at that girls house so no we can’t visit.

Mean girls turn into mean women.

But at least we were a part of something.

No. Thank. You.

In this past life a lady told me. This was the jist. People say we think we are better then them. Well really we are. We have the truth and they don’t.


Show me that in scripture.

I mean didn’t my Lord and Savior wash the feet of, sit with sinners, and feed them. When did he make salvation an exclusive club based on stipulations.

His sacrifice was almost a promise of I know your sinful nature will never open the door to salvation. No good thing is in this flesh, but reliance on God is a safe bet.

I watch people. In their blessed suits and favored hats avoiding the homeless man with dirt on his hands. I mean it can be washed. We are made of dirt. That’s why we can never stay clean on our own. Only through the goodness grace and mercy of a perfect Savior.

He urged Peter to feed his flock.

How can you feed, give or relate to people you looking down on or holding your nose up at.

I saw a post. Now even though I have no regular conversations with this person we were once thick as thieves. So I still have mad love for him. This is no shade for real. We out of everyone have never had a falling out. We would use uplifting words to help each other out of sorrows. I guess we all take hurt and pain differently. Or maybe not so differently. Some of us grow and some stay stagnant thinking different and higher tax brackets is mental elevation.

But things ain’t joy, peace, or happiness.

Anyway he bashed the pride parade. Whoa.

Let me get this log out my eye before I pull the speck out of yours.

They used to have pride parades for the straights. They called it freaknic and nowadays spring break Miami beach. I mean really.

Salvation was won on cavalry. Now all we have to do is love God, let his will be done, know that we sin daily so be reminded its not our place to judge.

Just love.

I am going on a rally for the love movement. Learn to love without sharing the body until Gods arrangement gives one the go ahead and see how He can move in the lives of many.

Cause really. When we let smoke and pretentious soul mates dissipate, detox from drinking and allow God to purge us allowing God’s Spirit to take over and lead us on the right course of life can be life changing.

I speak it. I live it.

Who won’t fall?

Find the perfect man.

But to the rest of us battling our sinful natures just keep getting back up.

See a persons death is more important than their life when that life has added meaning and value to another’s. Not just inclined to satisfying their own wants and desires.

I definitely am guilty of avoiding certain people. But when I know better I do better. I give when God says release. It may take some time, but it comes when the desire of the heart is to be better today than yesterday.

The struggle is real, but the strength of God is readily available.

Ask and you shall receive.


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