Its amazing how people make the most awesome and profound claims against others.

We get fairer trials in courts of law than we get from the opinions of man.

I mean really. Where is your evidence? Your proof for these damaging charges you’ve presented against a counterpart. I usually just look. Rarely if ever do I listen. I mean really. Just because one person may or may not have had a negative encounter with a person doesn’t mean the same for my life. I like to look at the person spewing the poison fruit. Like not material things but how many people enjoy their company, share love with on a permanent basis, and how long have those people been in the picture?

You know when success finds people so does their unformed circle.

Then they sit trying to round about those that know the truth about a past they want to keep hidden in order to live the facade of a fairy tale life.

Don’t worry. Loyalty is a habit. I don’t repeat peoples personal business. I try not to speak of others negatively. I mean wouldn’t that make me look a tad bit bitter, or jealous from a failed interpersonal relationship.

Why do harsh words sting so sharply that they change another’s opinion of someone they may have never even had more than a five minute conversation with.

Life is based on connections. You never know who will be a missing piece to your puzzle so how can another’s opinion form yours?

Are we really sheep so used to following that no one wants to step out on their own to be a leader?

I get it. People have this thing. Well if you talk to whom I speak against then I won’t speak to you. Then my big parties at my big houses you have to miss out on.

Maybe its a black people thing. Maybe its a way back when in slavery thing.

Folks been wanting to be in the big house.

I guess I always walked to the beat of my own drummer. I’d rather feel the sweat on my brow or cracks on my back than bear the weight of being something I’m really not comfortable being.

You know. Phony and fake. And I’m not talking about aesthetics. I’d take a weaved out, long nailed, gold teeth wearing somebody that’s willing to keep it real and love everyone than the person pretending to have it all together tearing the next person down so no one can see all the ugly skeletons threatening to fly out their closet.

I’m talking about grown folk baggage, things carried out as adults when they were no longer children not fully aware of implications of actions that never get repeated.


Yep. I said it. I type behind a keyboard. But I’m really this bold in real life. I guess that’s why he say she say games threatened to game over my interpersonal relationships. I used to ask? You said what?? Now I know a God. He fights my battles and calamity Falk’s hard when God avenges the names of His people when a slanderer creating divisions is something detestable to him.

I mean, what has been lost for the stolen perspective one may have taken against a former ally. I mean those returning good for evil. I mean those that used to eat with shop with and by shop with I mean get treated to. How do women betray one another so effortlessly?

Oh. Well.

If one really wants to gamble on the pretenses of man, stories told to create a life you’d have to see to believe and really who gets that close.

I once did.

That’s me. An ear to the hurting.

Sheisters and liars, idle gossips believe everyone is like them. So they assassinate the character of those that know them best.

I’m not trusting any man anymore. I test against the spirit. The Spirit of God. You know the Holy Spirit. I been lied to all my life in a religion designed to keep me blinded. I mean doesn’t Deuteronomy 18:21,22 tell me how to test words from the Lord. Did not the men I grew up all my life listening to fail in different points of their history.

See the word of God never fails.

Men are fallible. They speak the things that are manifest in their lives. Those that speak of up building and love show the fruitage of their hearts.

You will always know a tree by the fruit it bears. So next time truly pay attention to what is coming or has come out the mouth of your associates.

Then ask for what purpose? Why are you trying to turn me against someone you were once close to? Never forget people show you how they will be to you. One persons sorrow engulfs your world to in turn become your misery.

They may just be keeping you away from the light of your party.

They may just be keeping you from the original connection that God put in place. Like a singer getting disconnected from the songwriter that will lead to her Grammy. All for what appears to be in a certain category of success because of what the eye can see?

But faith is trusting in things unseen.

So how much longer are you willing to let divisions and divisive words from the miserable shape your opinions?


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