You have been chained and shackled. The chains cover every inch of your body. But someone comes along and pulls out a key to unlock the cuffs of the shackles that are connected to all the rest of the chains.

Immediately some of the chains fall but the others are stuck. As you stand still you wonder why these chains won’t come off. Then you hear a voice from someone who was also a prisoner in front of you looking behind at your puzzled face. They say all you have to do is move begin walking and the chains will begin to fall.

So I’m at the park with my baby. One of the mom’s that I usually speak to is there also. She doesn’t recognize me for the blond hair and the water weight that had me carrying basketballs on what were supposed to be ankles. In addition to the good few pounds of yams, greens, dressing, Mac and cheese, beans, cornbread i mean the list goes on with all types of meat as the main attractions for all those delicious sides.

I am being taught balance and portion controls.

Yes. I was off track. The not too distant memories of 3, – 8 mile days. I believe I had a ten but I got distracted and unfocused. Not to mention T25. Beast mode was activated.

It’s not that it’s so hard to achieve fitness goals when you go at it alone. It’s just that it is easy to get off track literally when no one else is on board.

Maybe that’s just me.

So she is insistent about me getting back on the track. We stood, touched and agreed , exchanged numbers and I go home eventually.

See I talk about all the things I have been through because there is freedom in words. Maybe I shouldn’t say so much but if just one person take a corner of anything good then God is using me.

See I can’t be like the man who hid the talent. I need to make ten out of this one.

Yes. Yes. Yes. The list goes on and on about what these words can do for God.

So in me using them I walk. As I walk chains are falling. I am being set free. The freedom is here. I just had to move and walk. I could go back to my old behavior and expect God to show up and change my life.

Yet that would be adding more chains to the freedom I was just given.

Yeah. I’m good.

I thought I went hard before now this time I’m going smart. See in my movement I exhibit faith and tell God that I believe what He has placed in me will produce something amazing.

We already know what happens to our faith when we don’t work. Not just keep busy, but work on the thing God placed in us that makes us unique from everyone else.

So I write. Chains fall. I wrote some more. I used to have trouble getting through one spoken word piece without crying. Now I understand the authority on which I will glorify my Father for Him delivering me from that which was designed to kill me.

Like a river the flow is steady and peaceful. In my boat my Master is a perfect captain.

We pulling anchors up with the chains that once held us down.

Destination is not about the arrival, but about the journey and things we learned, overcame, and built on the way.


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