I have girlfriends now.

I have the girlfriends cast, plus living single cast plus 1.

I would have never thought I would have female friends after all the scandalous things that have been done to me by my ‘friends’.

The discussion is not even worth having so we won’t go there.

My new friends though. My old friends. All my old friends live in Boston. Yet when we talk you would never believe the last time I saw a friend from there was the year mommy dear made her departure from here. That’s been almost six years. Buy we laugh we talk we laugh some more. My Boston bestie claims I’m goofy. I just have this God given high, no trees branching my leaves, that loves to see people smile. Or hear them smile and laugh.

We all should feel good. As much as we can.

See my problem before in finding friends was that I never needed women when mom was here because I told her everything. So I only needed friends for the turn up. The ones that did the most damage showed their true colors way before the act. So I thank God for that. I know what to recognize and what to avoid.

Excuse my standoffishness. When you are silent about the person dogging me out you must be in agreement. So I chill.

I found sisters though. Yes Lord. We paint the town red. We eat good. We take the kids on fun outings. I can trust my baby with them. I can trust my secrets with them. I can tell them my hurts and they pray for me. They pray for us.

I found ride or die.

I don’t have anything bad to say about the women in my circle because if I even felt my spirit pulling away from them they wouldn’t be there so of course I have nothing bad to say about them.

When we offend each other we talk.

To ONE ANOTHER. Not behind each others back.

Pride has been dashed in the ground.

Love has risen in its place. So we do. In a way that brings honor to God by edifying and upbuilding. We may not look like the women of God we are all the time because as a toddler in this walk my foundation is still settling. But one thing we all have in common is that we truly love God. We love to encourage and make each other feel better when we are feeling low and again did I mention? Have TALL fun.

Yes I am my sisters keeper.

I love the job. I love my friends.

That is all.


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