The MAN at the bus stop saw my daughter running around the water fountain and asked where did she get her running athleticism from because I surely didn’t look like an athlete.

Immediately I got offended.

What do you mean? I just lost eighty pounds since I had my daughter. Don’t you see these long legs. Don’t you see these muscles in my thighs. I am built for strength and power, however not being able to cultivate my strengths left me struggling on what seems to be a never ending weight loss journey.

Why did I get so defensive? Could it be the two cups of corn extra butter and quesadilla I had just smacked down. I shared with my baby of course but I finished her cup and ate mine.

I’m struggling with this greedy gene. Over consuming did not start with food, it’s just the last of my deadly sins I’m struggling with and since giving up the others it seems as if I am over compensating.

So. Why couldn’t I just face the truth in the mans words? Was I being sensitive because I, knowing I could do better, was quick to say I don’t need to change I’m good as I am I’ll just modify.

Sounds like excuses.

Its like a ratchet chick twerking at a fefe then going to church the next day saying well that’s my past, don’t judge me. I’m trying to get my life together.

Actually. Trying to get ones life together would have been avoiding the fefe and the turnup if you know how you are most assuredly going to respond. Yeah, I knew I should have avoided that corner after church but I wanted what I wanted. My waist line be doggone.

See the truth of the matter is if I avoid this junk food my body would begin to take on a more athletic appearance. I know I’ve had it before.


How long will I justify my behavior, then get mad at people for their honesty?

How long will I avoid what needs to be done because I’m too lazy to take care of business. Some things need to be said. So many are afraid to offend and allow people to look foolish before others not being able to handle the mirror because that man in the mirror might tell them how important change is.

Everybody wants to be a game changer but don’t no body want to put in the long hours of self reflection. No one wants to change. They only want modifications because modifying is comfortable. But getting to the best life ever is uncomfortable.

It sometimes seems as if God tests us to see how much we are willing to sacrifice for Him since He made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

Oh you can’t put down that corn cup? Well I can’t give you the keys to the kingdom. Oh you can’t put down that blue label? Nah nah I can’t let you sit on this throne. Oh you can’t let go of your plethora of fans? Well I won’t give you the helper you need to make it to your best life ever. Oh you won’t let go of your backbiting and gossiping? Well I won’t release your joy and your peace and trust me you are starting to look older than your age.

So. To those folk that keep it one hunnit. SALUTE! People more afraid of opinions than helping each other. People rather play victim than walk in victory. People rather do what’s easy than reach for the reins of success that require hard work and efficacy and sometimes is accomplished by failure.

No one wants to associate with failure. Everyone wants to be Jay-Z & Beyonce 2014, forgetting their humble beginnings. Remember it was once a hard knock life.

So in love. I don’t always say what people want to hear, but love is kind. It would be so mean of me to allow you to look like a fool all your life. Tough love sometimes is necessary. Put on some big boy/girl pantaloons and take the good discard the bad and be thankful that God is a God of correction and discipline.

Whom He loves he disciplines and correction has yet to feel good to me either.

Its life. Like the ocean. Sink or swim. Your choices determine your life. So choose wisely.


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