Really? What is so hard about speaking? A simple hello will do.

You say you a…

Yep all of that and you can make eye contact with a person and not open your mouth to speak?

Yes I have been guilty of that.

Maybe it was intimidation. Maybe it was assumptions. Maybe it was my woman nature seeing that thing rise up in another woman and being like I don’t have to be bothered with her.

But how can I say I love the One I can’t see if I can’t even show love to the ones I can.

So I’m walking today. I’m feeling good. My co-workers engage me in conversation. I encourage. I be encouraged. Give and take.

So as I am walking home from the library after work a man is staring. I have to make him speak and after he speaks he then garners enough courage to ask me out.

First of all if you are interested solely based on what you see that’s a set up to fail. Secondly, you couldn’t even speak. I had to make you. What kind of a situation will that become. You’re not going to treat me right unless I make you? You’re not going to open a door for me unless I make you? You’re not going to send me flowers unless I make you?

I have one child.

I refuse to raise a man.

No one should tell you the principles of common courtesy. We make eye contact a smile or a hello is alright.

Women and men alike.

How do we miss these fundamentals. A hello is not an I’m dying to be your best friend.

Then people out here want to riot and act crazy when a black boy gets gunned down by police officers.


They know we can’t rally together for effective change.

We can’t even speak to each other or show love to people, majority of the time. What we can do is act a fool, get more of us killed and get plans in place to impart martial law and put all these unruly folks in the camps they have in place, you know the ones lined with plastic coffins.

That’s probably my off the wall drastic unbalanced thinking. But hey. I’m just saying. What of the possibilities?

Yeah. Without community there is hardly a way to come together and find better solutions to anything.

And really.

It all starts with a simple hello.


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