Why is it that all the crazy events come to follow you on a normally peaceful and beautifully rainy day?

I promise.

Every time it rains I am reminded I need to grow up. Growth, change, and all the seeds planted are about to be watered!!

So. Just getting off work. I am trying to figure out the best route to make it to the babysitter before she has to leave for her event. I have one hour forty five minutes from the time I clock out until her ride arrives.

I get to the green line.

I miss the train trying to add money to that ventra card.

Oh the shenanigans.

So I’m debating. Should I get off and take the bus there or take the train all the way around?

I take the first train which is not my train but it will get me close enough.

So when I get off the train now here is the bus.

Why is this bus driver acting like every missed fare is straight deducted from his paycheck? No. The bus that never came and RTA trip planner told me would be there which caused me to miss fifteen minutes from work but I never tripped.

See those are the things that come out of paychecks. But I never called to complain about the missing bus.

Its attitudes these days.

Why do some black peopke hate each other and when the rest of the world see us as we perceive each other and act on it we mad at the system but won’t address each other.

If the revolution won’t be televised, its probably because the black on black crime never is.


The bus driver is some kinda superhero on a Saturday afternoon when many of us have been at work and won’t let people sit and ride.

He’s so rude.

He’s refusing the woman because obviously she is addicted to something. Or maybe we perceive by her appearance that she is, so he humiliates her.

Even after the man got up to pay her fare.

It wasn’t good enough because he had a free fare card.

Who of us is to say who is good enough? Who deserves something? Who should and who shouldn’t?

Like for real. You turning up your nose at the drug addict because you not one. Not knowing the story. Years ago I had a lady tell me she used to own her own shop. Then her father died and she lost it. Once she got addicted to the substance that changed her life.

Oh I know the drill. I know how the enemy was coming for me heavily.

So I empathize.

People be so quick to say what is a sin and what someone else is, and not show love for the thing a person is struggling with and call themselves something akin to a man who let a prostitute lie at his feet.

I’m so confused.

Anyway. While the bus driver was turning his nose up at this woman his belly was saying. Hi. Hello. Guess what? We’re pregnant. And yes. Its a double cheeseburger with extra bacon from five guys no less.

Maybe his addiction is what American society has come to accept. But that addiction leads to loss of limbs, from diabetes. Broken backs from poor nurses and CNA’s trying to lift and roll him because he can no longer do for himself.

I mean really. At the end of the day they are all debilitating.

So. As he was getting ready to get back on the road after looking at me trying to make me understand why he was being a jerk when I know the rules of public transportation. You can’t be denied a ride with no fare. They can tell you the cost of fare and that is all, but I was just ready to get to my little girl and wrap her in my arms. Since he was so busy trying to be a super jerk cape and all he hit my leg.

I took down all his information. He got nervous then. Like are you really going to call in on me? Am I supposed to have empathy for the man who wanted to self impose his seeming authority to someone he felt was a peon beneath him because of social class in the same racially profiled group of people?

Yes. I am. I have become aware. I have become the woman to walk in love and kindness and forgiveness. No one was hurt and that battle was not mine. But isn’t that something just to think about.

We don’t know what any of us is going through or have been through. So why not just show each other loving kindness.


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