I knew it was time to go back to work.

I think I had just come to enjoy my walks around the park, my gym sessions with my friend, and my time with my daughter.

I liked having my time to myself.

But my life like my time is not my own.

So here I am at the new job and already thinking of the next place to be. Always wanting more. I’ve never understood the premise of longevity.

My charge right now is to go through my process and enjoy where I am so I can learn where I am going.

I have already decided I want to finish what was started two years ago.

See the problem was my attitude. I was quick to tell someone where to go with just a look. So every nursing home I went into was a problem. The gift that was given me, I quickly gave up to go back to driving.

Why is it we go back to what used to be every time we are asked to grow into what we can become?

So here I am.

Just having been accepted into my nursing program but I decided I wanted to work.

No wonder the job right around the corner from where I was living was not presented because I could not go someplace that is going to lead me to my destiny if I was going to sabotage it.

I’m here now though. I find out there is tuition reimbursement. Not only is the job full of good people, but the next leg of my journey is going to be paid for.

I mean if God opens a door no man can shut it. See he is the God that will restore the years the locust have eaten.

I get it. As my counterparts have judged me severely for my past transgressions my Father in heaven judged me in mercy and grace. He knew the reasons behind my actions. He understands every action causes a reaction.

There were many things I lost. Like locusts came along and ate my crops. Everything I worked so diligently for in my early years a few bad decisions caused me to lose them all. But in Joel God says He will restore.

See He was looking for my repentance. He wanted me to turn from the past behaviors that was preventing my close fellowship with Him. It is only in being close to God that I can learn how to walk in harmony with the plans He has for me.

So now. I present as a sacrifice a contrite and broken heart for allowing myself to make choices that kept me from being who I am called to be.

Whomever that happens to be.

So here I am. Thankful for being obedient. Thankful I walked into the building when they were doing a mass hiring when so many ladies complained of having tried to get in the company for years.

God is good.

Always. In good and bad. In rain and sun.

See the rain and the abundance of it causes for large crops. You can’t get large crops if you don’t have a lot of rain to nourish the seed.

Trusting the process. My personal process is not like anyone else’s because the things I have done and the woman I am to become is not like anyone else’s.

But I am hopeful. I am excited. This new season of happy expectations mean that even when I was doubtful God had not forgotten me.

He always remembers.

He will never forget!


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