Today’s word was about having a platform.

I love my blogging.

I could have started off with something generic and uninteresting like someone else’s business, or my weight loss journey, or even what the media is constantly exposing us to.

I wanted to speak of my change. The emotional roller coaster which was my life. Now my new life. The changes that have been made in my life because of the changes.

Weight loss was never physical. It was all mental. I never thought I deserved to have a healthy body when my mind was full of unhealthy and toxic thoughts.

It all correlated.

So here I am now.

How did I change? Through the word of God! Jesus. In the beginning was the word. He is high and lifted up. So He draws people to Him. If I am an honorable vessel because I unselfishly forget trials and tragedy to say He is bigger than all of that then people will go to Him.

I never believed I could have this type of freedom.

I am thankful for it.

I have released the pain of hurtful situations to find joy in living. That’s right. Life is for the living! So I aim to live, love, and laugh.

Fall season. Falling I am falling. Not worrying about being caught. Just knowing with a price I’ve been bought.

I no longer believe words, books or anything the way I believe the word. He is alive. I am a believer.

Happy labor day! I don’t have to toil in sorrows. I have been given a light weight and easy yoke.

What a blessed life I have been given!


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