Six years ago I said goodbye to my mommy.

I pulled a strand of her jet black wavy hair and saw the natural journey we started together and put a perm in mine. How dare she leave me in this struggle alone.

And I was constantly reminded of my loss.

Until last week.

I felt deliverance from the pain of my loss. It was God asking me to give her to Him. So I did.

Why be reminded of the pain when the gifts my mother gave me were so amazing.

She taught me friendship. She taught me compassion. She taught me sisterhood.

I would watch her three closest friends get together to spend the night at our tiny one bedroom apartment finding space on the sofa, loveseat and wherever else they could get comfortable to watch scary movies, or movies about love with stove popped popcorn and freshly melted butter.

She was concerned.

She was there.

She was a listening ear. She was a gift giver. She was opening the door to her friend running from her domestic situation. Our tiny apartment barely housing us now taking in another adult and three more children. She was kind.

She was sensitive and emotional and when she gave and it went unnoticed she got in her feelings. But if given the opportunity she bounced back.

She wasn’t a natural forgiver. But she eventually forgave.

She made the best lunchroom butter cookies, homemade pound cake, and sweet rolls.

She baked with love.

So when the doctor gave me the news that she had a short time left and I told her friends they came like a mighty rushing wind.

Every day a couple someones was bringing food for us to eat. Some sat at her feet singing soft songs. Others cleaned her up so that I would not have to deal with the stress of seeing my mother in such a position.

She was surrounded by love.

She received what she gave.

She showed me. That day. The importance of sisterhood. Who stood in solidarity and love with her? The same women she would pour into.

She received what she gave. She reaped what she sowed.

Sincere interest in others. Unselfish love for her sister friends.

So. I know love.

My longest friendship is about 31 years, but my oldest sister friendship is sixteen years.

We may not live in the same state but we still motivate uplift and upbuild. We encourage each other in the Lord.

So. I had already wanted to start a celebration for my sisters. My heart was already inclined to lifting up those that have been dear to my heart. So I will. Continuously.

So to all my Ruth’s, Naomi’s, Marys and Elizabeth’s. We have a purpose. To serve and love each other.

So today. I cannot be sad. I have to be joyful. I have to have peace. I will walk liberated from the assignment of the enemy.

I am just thankful to have been given what I was to learn what was needed.

To live and love those that are woman like me, been hurt like me and experienced the same hardships as me. But will also come to know the same triumphs and victories as I.

We already have an enemy. So I just decided I can no longer make my sister one of mine.


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