What a day.

I started off quoting bible scriptures to a young man whom I saw a change in effective immediately rafter my interaction with him.

Yep. You already know who was mad. Gods great enemy. Since I have decided to walk the path God has placed me on, that same enemy has become mine too.

Work was hectic.

My first resident after getting cleaned up begin to tell me “F” me.

Word? That’s how you feel?

Since he didn’t want me helping him I just began to praise God. That was just one less on my list of way too many on a day with two short on the floor.

In the past there would have been no praise on my lips. There would have been a, ‘”F” me? Sorry dude. I see you have no reach and your … too little.’

Harsh maybe.

Hurt people hurt people. And hurt people hurt people continuously.

See back then I would never have looked at the bigger picture. He is unhappy about his current condition and how about a little love.

Oh but change.

The devil thought he had me.

Oh but he almost did.

See the next encounter was me being called a ‘B’.

Really? Did you just call me a ‘B’?

I did she said.

Because I put your tea bag in your water.

She wasn’t ready and she had more sense than the other folk she replied. But really she was missing more than a few screws she just doesn’t know it yet.

I almost. Was reminded. Of times past. I’m a…? The way I told my daughters father, ‘your mama a ….’ To which he’d reply at least mine is alive. Yours is dead.


Good one.

Oh but change.

I kept my mouth closed. I let her have her rant. Apologized for my assumption and chose not to use my words for total annihilation, soul caliber style.

I used to love me some Talym.

See but change.

I used to be the one dying to please man, so when men/ women hurt me I was so hurt I wanted to destroy them.

Hurt people hurt people.

Now I’m living to please my heavenly Father so I choose to seek behavior and words that will give others life. So they may feel the love of Christ and one day choose to live and love.

Not dying to hurt.

In change I have found life. I want to live for purpose so I interact with purpose. Push towards my purpose. I live on purpose.

I choose to find MINE. Mine. Its what I was created for.

Yes. My new life in Christ gives me so much purpose!

But Psa 96:3 Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.

Yes my God has changed me and given me purpose.

For that I forever be thankful!


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