I guess the census has it.

I am a people person.

I love to smile, laugh and make others around me feel good.

People pleasing at it’s finest.

But these days only if its approved by my Daddy. Lord Jesus can you lean over to our Father since your sacrifice has made me a co-heir of the kingdom as the word mentions?

Thank you Jesus.

That’s why I say it.

You know because when God gave Jesus all authority He was clear that in order to get to Him we have to go through the Son.

That means relationship.

So I lift Him up. I love Him.

He is my friend.

So I’m sitting talking in my friendly nature starting conversations with perfect strangers and ask the guy sitting with me if he worked overnights. He thought I was asking if he was working overtime. He gave a hard shake of his head and said, “No.”

I laughed.

Before I left they asked me the same thing.

I didn’t have to think twice. Even though on any day I work over eight hours I get overtime pay automatically regardless of whether I have hit 40 hours or not. Yet, money is not the motive.

Only broke mentalities believe that money and the things it buys you will bring happiness.

See broken people need to be soothed by ideas that they are whole. They think if another person validates their existence then that means they are all together. So they buy things so that others will think the external, or what people can see, defines their inner beings.

Still, all the while broken.

No. I had to learn the hard way money can not buy happiness.

I’ve done the whole overtime, working two full-time jobs, or three jobs at one time on a paper chase. I been doing that all my life.

Yet, I was never happy.

Until I had what looked like nothing.

No job. An old putt putt car. Barely 15 dollars on a card that puts groceries in Frigidaire’s.

But my God. Provides.

Going where he sends me getting exactly what I need, and what my daughter wants. Even chocolate syrup for her chocolate milk. See my God provides for me. He is always my provider, never leaving nor forsaking me. Because no one can pull me out His hand.

So I’m giving testimony service.

In my season of being broken by God, letting Him use His rod to discipline me and get me in order I had to be humbled.

Where wiping and cleaning an elderly or sick person used to seem beneath me, I feel honored to serve God by serving His people.

He said. When I was hungry did you feed me. When I was naked did you clothe me.

Yes I do that weekly. They pay me but not nearly enough for the job at hand so this is to please my Father in heaven.


Everyone over the past few weeks has been pushing and urging me to go to nursing school. My residents tell me I’d make a good nurse the way I care for them. Even the nurses I assist.

I hear Gods voice in that.

Reminded how my grandmother all but begged me to take that up 10 years ago.
I always did have to learn the hard way.

So now.

I pursue Gods will.

I forgot to add the solution.

See in pursuing Gods will I have to live life. Eat drink and be merry is as much a part of the word as do not be a glutton. See eat but not too much. Drink but not too much, still gluttony. Overconsumption. There is a time for all things so one must have balance.

See its the memories and moments. I have spent practically all my daughters life with her. Not with her at babysitters. Not her with family but her with me. I spend time and she loves me all the more.

So what good is the money when you’re too tired to spend it, missing out on valuable memories?

So I no longer make things hard for me. I take his burden and yoke. Which is light and easy. He sustains me and takes care of me.

I have found so much happiness. See the joy of the Lord is my strength. If I truly seek first the kingdom then all other things will be added. Including the desires of my heart.

So I no longer go for what appears to be, but what God shows to me

He’s the only sure bet I can cash in on.


One thought on “Cash, money, dolla dolla bills y’all

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