I don’t get it.

Why are people so quick to go all rah rah hype man for a white police officer gunning down a black life. But then when a black woman gets beat down everyone wants to know what she did.

What is wrong with people.



To actually see statuses from men who have been Mr. Rice minus the bank account at one point in their lives is unnerving.

I’m guessing you never got the big picture.

See I know all too well that men that don’t learn from their mistakes because no one ever holds them accountable continue their reign of terror on women’s lives. Instead of physical abuse it then becomes emotional abuse. Loving and leaving women whom they make feel as if they can never be good enough because that man never became satisfied with himself.

A man that is never satisfied with himself never is satisfied with anyone else.

So no.

I don’t mind taking care of my daughter alone. No child support. No gifts on her birthday or holidays. No invites to her cousin’s birthday parties. No invites to Grannie’s when she gets her other 8 plus brothers and sisters. I’ve lost count.

See a mother that knows the feeling of being a battered mother got angry, like what did you do Radiance? No. What did He do? All his life? And no one ever held him responsible for his actions. Obviously.

My daughter has a least four brothers and sisters either her age or younger.

People that learn no accountability show no regard for the lives of others.

The girl that introduced me to him told me later, yeah I heard he only hits the ones he loves.

Well thanks my friend. The advocate for transgender rights. The advocate for gay/lesbian rights. The advocate for youth rights. The advocate for immigration rights. The advocate for black/Latino rights.

What happened to as a black woman being an advocate for domestic violence rights.

Because when I wanted to first press charges she asked how was I going to take care of my baby without his help.

Obviously just fine with the help of God.

So. What could a woman ever do, never being stronger than a man, to deserve taking her dignity, self worth, and self respect away?

What makes society think another person could ever be responsible for a person not being able to control their own selves.

Yes. I may be hard. I may be opinionated. I may lack empathy for sob stories. I’m working on that. Life made me hard when I was created to be delicate and dainty.

I’ve been through my fair share of struggles and still I rise. I know why the caged bird sings. So still I rise.

With Gods help I become stronger daily. So its hard for me to feel empathy for a man that was unable to control himself. Or a woman who feels the need to justify the actions of a man. A grown persons actions is not childhood. It is a grown up person with grown up actions and interactions.


To those people that feel like a woman could ever do anything to deserve a man putting his hands on her in any way but love, imagine your daughter, sister, mother, aunts etc getting that same treatment and then get back at me.

I’ll be waiting and wondering.

Thankful for my escape! These four years of my four year olds life have been a testimony of how great God is. How he saves and delivers. How He has been a Father to the both of us.

I pray for freedom for my sisters, and even some brothers that stay with angry, volatile and violent people thinking they can’t do better.

Self love sets a set of standards no one else can ever tear you down from.

So. I stand firm. I live life. To love and in peace. I speak the experiences I wish someone else had shared with me.

Kudos to my New Life!


5 thoughts on “The struggle.

  1. “.What makes society think another person could ever be responsible for a person not being able to control their own selves.”.. I would love to hear who you think should be responsible for the women not being able to maintain their own self control? What part did you play in this? America should have no empathy for a woman who can’t maintain self control and leave well enough alone…be real.

    1. So. To answer your question. I didn’t stay. I pressed charges. He went to jail. And as my blog stated he chooses not to help as a result. So. Thank you for your opinions. My togetherness mandates I don’t have to hide behind anonymous names. It is what it is. A story of triumph. I didn’t stay. My daughter was two months old when I left for good.
      Maybe one day you can walk on freedom as well and no badger people with opinions that you hide your identity to speak on.
      Be blessed. Let God deal with your hurts and frustrations as He is the only one who heals our hurts…

    2. Well. One day. I pray when calamity befalls you someone gives you empathy. Or maybe no one ad given you comfort or empathy for the things you’ve been through. Either way. God has given me everything I need. He is my strong tower and protector. He loves me and shows compassion for me. People… Eh? I wish the best for. I pray you be blessed. That Gods blessings overtake you so the pain and bitterness in your heart is lifted. Blogging has been a blessing to me. You’re good with words and have an opinion. Maybe you should try one πŸ˜‹πŸ˜™πŸ™ŒπŸ™

    3. Sounds personal. God is working on all of us and will until our earthly bodies are transformed into heavenly ones. Imperfection means we need God to make us better always. I am thankful i need Him. Thats why he pushed the same people you are holding onto out of my life. He favored me to not go through continuous pain. When we release negativity that’s when you know His Spirit is resting heavy on you. One day you will find out. Releasing means to let go of. To not hold onto. Let go. If you can let go of the woman beater then you can find your freedom too. You never had to hide. Of course God always shows what needs to be seen… So. ‘Calamity’? God has the final say so. My calamity is going to wreak havoc on the devils foundations. Prayers of he righteous availeth much. Now its your turn. Pray for Gods mercy on our life. Or have you forgotten the calamity of 2011?

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