Some women never get chosen.

They stay. They stalk. They fight the other women away. They entice men trying to pursue relationships with other women with their flesh which cause a shift in the mans attention and makes him give up what he chose for what his flesh is desirous of.

So unchosen women get chosen by default.

I was looking for a dinette table. I’m looking at the options. I see aplenty. I am looking for low cost. So I see this.


So. I see options. It looks like the table set that is called the Fontana is the cheapest of them all. I get to thinking. I am all about saving money these days. Maybe if I get the cheaper table set instead of the one I truly want then I’ll be able to have more money in other areas for other things.

But why. Why would I choose something that is the lowest on the totem pole of options. It just seems like its worth it because I am not going to have to work so hard to get it. Instead of pulling four doubles for what I want I can just pull one and there it is. I’ve got the cheapest on the line.

The Fontana.

I get to thinking about why men always choose what’s easy instead of what is going to take a little work. Why choose something you really don’t want and accept less than the best out of default. Seemingly the woman they look at with fleshly eyes instead of with Godlike ones are the last man standing, but they discredit God and His desire to pick up the ones He knows truly love Him for nothing in return. Those women that just love the one who loved them enough to create them.

But now you have something you didn’t want and when you finally see what you’ve always wanted sitting at the table looking better then ever before a man can’t help but wonder how were they bamboozled into getting what was only ever supposed to be a side piece. A woman that was willing to take second best and sabotage every relationship that man was in so that he would choose her by default.

But some women never get chosen.

I can only speak on that which I know. I don’t know what its like to not be chosen. I know how to change my mind. I know how to love and leave. They say if you want to change the course of your life if its not going the way you want it to then do everything differently.

Insanity is doing doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same results.

So now. I choose longevity. When I get chosen again I will stay for the long haul. I see friends that flatter me by imitation and I am thankful. We all imitate someone, someone sees something special in me to duplicate and replicate my oddball style. Instead of running away from them like I used to. I love and stay still.

I am all about longevity these days. Loyalty is a lifestyle. I’m finally understanding the premise.


While I wait to be chosen I refuse to chase down a man or go through the trials and pain and tribulation that comes when a woman tries to force a man to love them the way he would love someone he has chosen.

I mean a woman should never have to cry on the phone to get a burger. He should be taking her to full course fine dining. She should never have to deal with nearly a dozen kids that aren’t hers when she has been with him as long as the oldest kids have been around and none of them are hers??!? She should never have to fight, snake or be a coward running up behind another woman to attack her when a real woman stands face to face and up front. I mean ladies don’t fight anyway. She should never have to pretend to be something she is not to be accepted. Like changing her looks and style to copy what the chosen women looked like.

When she walks in her uniqueness and her own personal beauty she can be chosen by the one who she is supposed to have love her.

Really a woman should never love a man more than he loves her, give him money, or take care of him.

All I know is the most peace I have ever had in my life comes now from standing firm on my ground to be who God called me to be. That is a woman. My role and responsibility is not what society has fed me about the black woman.

So now. To my ladies fighting for no good cause. Sit back, pamper yourself, date yourself, love on yourself. As you do so you set the model and mold of how a man is supposed to treat you.

You give him the chance to choose you.

So no thanks Fontana. I don’t want the cheap table set. I don’t mind working a little harder. Like a man should never mind climbing to the top of the apple tree to find a good one instead of the one on the ground easy, but bruised, ugly and inedible cause its been so full of worms.

Yes. I’ll get a couple of extra hours at work. I’ll get the table set I really want.


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