God is my banner.

I go from triumph to triumph in God.

I used to think when people did things to me I would have to tell others about it, or approach the person, or even get rowdy and rah rah.



Straight chilling like a villain.

Only I’ve been sanctified by the Lord God Almighty. He is the one strong in battle. He is the one who goes before me. So now when people wage war against me I don’t have to worry. There is quite a large army behind me that is fighting with me. That’s why I stay so quiet about whose in my circle. I know how hard the devil been coming after me.

With his dark forces and dark powers and dark people who would rather go to him for power than seek out God.

A witch.

People don’t like to speak of those things. Its not Halloween yet, so no one really think there is a old lady with a wart on her nose cooking frogs over a large caldron.

Maybe so. Maybe not.

But. Living in Boston and being around Haitian, Trinidadians whose family’s practiced sacrificing animals to idols and speaking words out to demon Gods. I found out it was more real than I ever wished to know. I knew God would not speak about it as an abomination, divination and the like if people never did it.

They did. They still do.

I met one.

She’s so very angry.

I kept wondering why I lived a life with so much favor until I met her and the one she wanted to pull out of my life. I never had to worry. Always had more than enough. Always was a baller shot caller in the words of my Pastor.

Until I met dude.

It was like my life spiraled out of control and this girl was always behind the scenes begging him to come into her presence. To come eat her food. To let her sing to him so she could get close to him.

His own sister said every time he got around the girl he would stop caring about his hygiene. He would stop taking care of himself.

We, however, were light. Until her darkness pulled him from under Gods protection into her life of darkness. As he always does when he got with her, he lost everything.

He only loses everything, every thing when he gets with her.

But because of my association I did too. I didn’t know how to call on God. I didn’t know how to reach out to Him. Now I do.

I don’t talk about my problems. No one knows where I lack. No one knows what hurts me. No one knows where my issues lie. I give God glory. That’s what He asks of me. So I give it.

I love Him too much not to.

When I do that He send angels that have been prepared for the art of war to go before me. He fights for me.

And you know what.

He always wins!!!!

Hallelujah!! To the God who always wins.

I’ve watched Him work for me.

So. I sit back and chill. I let God be God and fight for me!

Numbers 23:23 says
No curse can touch Jacob; no magic has any power against Israel. For now it will be said of Jacob, ‘What wonders God has done for Israel.

Yes. My mighty God strong in battle has brought me from the darkness, made me a new creature in Christ. I am a part of His new covenant so I take hold of my new life and know that whom the Son sets free is free indeed.

Yes Lord. The devil has been rebuked. I am in the Hands of Christ and no one can take me out of his hands.


Let the devil talk you into fighting against God of you’re brave enough.

I mean hasn’t enough calamity befallen you?

Sometimes we’ve got to know how to raise a flag and surrender. But. When we don’t break or prideful nature before God, He will all too willingly break us instead.

Yes Lord.

My Rock my salvation. My strong tower my protector. My mighty magnificent God. My banner.

My Jehovah. Nissi.


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