Why would you chase stars when you’ve got or are supposed to be pursuing a jewel?

Like for real. Why do guys get hurt by a woman and decide that they have to one up that woman by choosing women whom others say look like a model, or have star qualities, or have a lot of fans to make the woman that left look back like well if she wants him I must’ve messed up a good thing.

Trust me. Most women aren’t paying attention.

Well maybe I just never did.

But even if they are haven’t you ever heard that success is the best revenge.

Like what would make a person think that having a plethora of failed relationships with people that others would ooh and ahh about be so much better than a successful relationship with whom others consider to be a nobody.

What happened to letting God lead you to find the one that was designed to be by your side to make you into the person God created you to be.

It was fun.

It was fun finding the one that was going to make the one that hurt me the most feel the most lost.

Until I lost everything.

Loving a facade for the wrong motives then becomes revenge and when I take God’s vengeance in my own hands then how can I expect Him to fix my situation? How can I expect Him to give me what He planned on giving me if everything and my motives ask for others to look and see what I have so I grab something that is going to hurt my progress because it never was for me. So I chase an illusion forgetting my own dreams, caught up in pursuing someone else’s I miss out on my opportunity.


Why chase stars when a diamond is just getting extracted from the cave it’s been hidden in, forming in, ready to be cleaned up in. So it can shine.

Stars are already planted exactly where they are supposed to be.

But a rare jewel’s value will only add to ones personal worth.

Yes. Its time to grow up.

No more playing reckless games pushing one further away from destiny. Its time to be bold. Walk in confidence and surety.

Knowing chasing illusive objects fail miserable. I know how to win. I plan to win. I aim to win.

Failure only leads to victory as you learn what not to do the next time. As long as I never give up in defeat.

So star chasing. No thanks. Star gazing, sure. Its always been nice to look at, tempted to touch but every desire doesn’t have to be acted on. Let them shine, and don’t let wrong motives and moves dull their brilliance.

Because the only one who truly gets hurt is the one with the ulterior motives.


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