I used to think it was necessary to constantly justify my behavior.

Well I loved him because he was kind to me.

Or I gave her gifts because she gave me a sob story about xyz.

Or I didn’t fight back because ABC.

Blah blah. Yadda yadda. The list goes on.

Until I hear someone speak about someone’s worship. I mean I keep hearing it. In this place and that place, over here over there.

I mean everywhere.

The old me would’ve probably cursed someone out and gotten defensive because if you’re talking about her I can only imagine what you say about me.

I’m a worshipper.

Jesus talked about a sinful woman and gave an example via parable surrounding her actions. Luke 7:36-50. I read that account. When the glory hits the house I can’t stop making a fool of myself dancing, leaping, crying in the presence of the Lord. In fact I’ll make a bigger fool of myself than that. I know who i used to be and so does He.

How can one be so familiar with the creator of all things that they question why another person worships Him the way they do?

Second scripture. Rom 9:20 But who are you, O man, to talk back to God? “Shall what is formed say to him who formed it, ‘Why did you make me like this?'”

I used to ask Good why did He make me this unique individual that really doesn’t care what others think. Why did He create in me such a deep love that while I wanted to run from a boyfriend that cried on my shoulder every time he got the thought I was going to leave him but I stayed. A former atheist now has a relationship with the Most High.

No. I can’t ask about me. I surely won’t ask about another.

I won’t ask how a person that is supposed to be in their own place of worship is able to worry about what sacrifice another presents to God. I meet a co-worker. She tells me she goes to my church and is always on the altar. Well well well. How about that?

I am too. But I am so busy worshipping God I never had a chance to notice her. I am putting the perfume at His feet. Washing with my tears. Had you told me the first time I walked in New Life, seated in the bleachers that every Sunday I’d be at the altar dancing, singing and worshipping God I would have laughed at you.

Look whose laughing now. Sometimes I think God had a very unique sense of humor.

I’m not big on eyes on me. I hide gifts. Try to give them away, but now I am standing still in the presence of God. He entrusted me. So I believe his great wisdom and knowledge is for the betterment of my life.

So I worship. I worship for real. I never want to miss out on the blessing God has for me because instead of going in foolish in the eyes of man, unreserved in the eyes of God, receiving what He was giving out to His true worshippers. The ones not distracted by anything.

Like spirits recognize like spirits. The only reason some recognize what they call spirits of distraction is because they carry it and are easily distracted.

But nothing, no thing and no one comes in between loving on my Daddy. I been separated from Him too long.

That’s right. I can’t hold back. My praise cannot be contained. Determined to give God. Give Him everything. I can’t give Him my everything focused on what the next person is doing to give God what He is worthy of.

But it is well.

Worrying about who I’ve not been assigned to is the best way to get distracted and send me off course. I’m not interested in distractions. I’m ready for God to fulfill His promises in my life.

He will. He will do everything he said he will.

So until then I just continue to give Him the best parts of me. Worshipping in Spirit and truth. Waiting in patience. Loving Him always!

So no explanation necessary.

I am slowly but surely turning into who he called me to be.


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