Whats your motives behind what it is you are doing?

I’ve had so many people approach me about pushing their products because the model for encouragement is what they push their reps to do in order to lure people in.

No. I don’t have an ulterior motive.

I don’t need one. I find that giving is better than receiving. The changes that people make is a blessing when they begin to live in a way that pushes them closer to the Father.

Money? I’ve had pretty decent jobs. That didn’t bring happiness. So why would I do what I love and make it a job if I am not promoting God who will teach me how to promote me when its time for the work I have been doing for Him to be seen.

I realize that so many people come off as trying to better others when in reality they are trying to better their pockets. Not people. There is something about the excellency that follows a person that loves what they do.

I had a personal trainer around the time my mother died. He met with me first because understanding weight loss is holistic he had to understand me as a client to best know how to give me what I needed. His handouts, emails, and words were fundamental to my overall well being. Not just my aesthetics.

He sent me links of books to read, he talked about the things that I was holding onto that was preventing my weight loss. He read. He knew that the physical could never be activated and maintained I the mental was never addressed.

See everything happens in the mind. Once you see it you achieve it.

He would often carry my thirty minute session over into two hours. I guess it was working. I was losing five pounds of fat per week. Not weight. Fat loss made sure that my toned body stayed that way and became even more firm.

He loved to help people. He provided a solution.

I can motivate you all day long. Obviously you need the motivation because you don’t know how to do it yourself so if I give you a model without showing you how to carry it out then really I’m shooting darts no target on sight. May as well let the wind carry it.

I mean really what are your motives?

Did someone tell you you would never be anything so now it’s about proving those words untrue, feigning interest in helping people to achieve your motives? Do you do what you do because no one ever gave you the right type of attention so now you need everyone to see you? Do you need validation? Or are you really only interested in money?

I had to take a real critical look at myself and answer those questions. It was a yes to all.

So now I give.

I give encouragement. I give my words. No I’m not selling anything. Maybe I  building a brand, but with every brand free samples are how you show people that I’m not here for your money. I’m here to make sure you get a taste of what you may want and even may need.

So for real. What are your motives?


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