I’m pointing the Ms. Celie fingers at ole Mista!

“Until you do right by me.”

That’s right.

I’m sure you believe you and God so tight. But Saul said the same thing before ole David came along and they sang songs of his ten thousands while only acknowledging Sauls one thousand. And Saul had too much pride to accept what was knowing that neither of them would have been able to do anything without God.

He had issues with humility.

Some people are given the reigns of their gifts too soon and they lose the humility that would have kept them as Gods favored one forever.

You can’t be God. You can’t make yourself an idol. You can’t delight in false humility. Stepping on the dead bodies of those you’ve slain and left behind when God sent them to you for you to be a help to them.

Yeah. You have a promise. But God is not going to lead you to the promise if you and your bad attitude, messed up way of dealing with people, thinking you’re all that, and treating others like crap while ignoring their tears. I mean. If you can’t even show love to the brother or sister you can see how can you dare say you love the God you can’t.

I mean if you have been called to minister to the masses. You failed the effin test!

Because how can God trust you to take care of thousands whom you may touch with words, music, pictures, items for purchase and all the people you may come in contact with if He sends someone valuable to you and you let them hang out to dry. Killing their spirit with the words you refuse to use to uplift and encourage them with.


Life is about tests.

I usually fail my tests.

Like last year. I fell in love. With Jesus. And the man who introduced me to His spirit. Holy Spirit. But God pulled me out of that situation and here comes tall dark and handsome. Standing in a doorway with his number in hand.

Who wants that perfect love story anyway?

I do. Always looking for the perfect love story. Always with the fairy tale. Always in a relationship, fauxlationship, herlationship, ourlationship.

See I never cared who else was there. I knew I had that snapper so all others could forget about dude when I put my mind and body to something! I love to love and be in love.

That’s probably the thorn that will forever stay in my side.

So. Though. I’ve been there. I wanted that perfect love story. But I knew if I stayed. And we continued doing the things we did. He would not get what I was there to give him.

See me sharing my body with him would keep him distracted from the greater I was going to push that was already on him. I know how men respond. To me. I know how I respond right back. We keep finding our way back to each other and it’s been fifteen months.

There is something we both need to learn.

But if we spent time learning each other’s bodies we may just miss the lesson. The reason we have been placed in each other’s lives.

But those. Those that leave you behind. Not caring about the pain that you are being left with. I watched every man that hurt, left, gloated, continually disrespected, yes. Every man fell hard. They hurt me and then they fall harder than they’ve ever fallen before.

Whom God loves He disciplines. And I don’t know about you but my Daddy loves me. He knows He can show me things and tell me stuff that I will never share with another person. He knows the struggle to be faithful. Even when the options that He definitely didn’t approve of would be presented to me, I always had Him at the back of my mind. Even before I ever stepped foot in a church. He knows my heart. He knows for real!

It’s not just dudes. Somebody told me a young woman was practicing things detestable to God while calling my name out. I did what I do best. I talked to my Daddy. I cried out to my Heavenly Father! Her house burned down that summer. Yes. I know I don’t wrestle with flesh or blood. So I go into warfare.

God will fight for me!

His word. 14 The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

Exodus 14:14 | NIV

Yes. Those He counts as faithful. Those He counts as His own. I know working on the side of the enemy seems like the rewards are worthwhile. But they only last so long. But The Lord God Almighty, He endures forever!

So yes sir.

Until you do right by me. You made a promise. Your word is bond. I’ll definitely be talking to my Daddy about how you treated me. Like Jonah. You’ll probably find some time in some bellys you weren’t planning on being in. But you know what to do to come out of it.

All He ever wanted was a yes to Him and a no to the enemy!

The choice is yours. I won’t be able to engage or entertain you while you are being disciplined. But I will pray God be merciful as He has promised He will.

And in love sir. Two fingers.

Until you do right by my Father!!


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