Here we are fast approaching a new year with the pretentious pretenses of where did the time go.

If you don’t know where the time went in your year you probably were unproductive.

As for me.

I lost thirty pounds. I gained back 20. So I have a net loss of 10 pounds.

Why be concerned about what I can’t hold into. I’m celebrating the thing I have. My ten pound loss.

I wasn’t working and got offered two jobs this year. One job didn’t call back when I wanted so instead of worrying about that I celebrate the job I have. Maybe it’s not what I thought I would do. But it is definitely a blessing to be able to take care of myself.

I had a few friends. Some I called sis. But when I didn’t do what they wanted me to do, they changed their tune. Or maybe they just started treating me like the rest of the family they can’t control and stopped talking to me. It’s ok. I have a sister that I can regularly. We can hit the streets, or pray at 4 am together. She can ride with me and I for her. We may not always want to be bothered with each other but our love is genuine. Unconditional.

I had a few love interests. Men that appealed to my flesh. So I saw them in the natural. Didn’t know their spirits had been sent on assignment to knock me off my path. If you come into my life and your departure leaves me worse than I was before then the tools that you gave me during our interaction were only placed there to knock me off my journey. But I met someone. He makes me feel all like my poem diggin you says he was going to make me feel.

Sometimes I write prophetically.

I started off this year more into church than into my relationship with God. I missed the first two months of church. It was then the Holy Spirit led me to scriptures I find myself using now and accounts I have revelations about now that I would not have had inside of me for Him to call to remembrance when someone is trying to get me to logically look at the movie Exodus.

God is not logical all the time. Remember his ways are not my ways. His thoughts are not my thoughts.

See this year there were supposed to be a lot of losses. But why would I selfishly pine over my losses when I can thank God for the losses to celebrate what He has allowed me to receive as a result of shutting the doors that were leading to nowhere.

So I celebrate what I have. I celebrate those who are staying for my ride. Sometimes I’m all over the place. Sometimes I’m random. Sometimes I have an attitude. Sometimes I am mean. But sometimes I can be a sweetheart. I am a woman who loves to love and nurture. I love to speak good words into the lives of those who need encouragement.

I’m no longer looking at what it’s not. If you’re not here I am thankful for the time we got to spend together. But I am celebrating what is. I am celebrating the people who are here.

It’s a New Year! It’s a New Life! It’s a New Me! Thankful that God is doing a new thing. So I’ll sing this new song he has placed inside my heart. The newness. It’s a blessing. So I hold on a wait on The Lord to manifest what He has said He will do.

All things anew!


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