Wouldn’t it be nice if The Lord just granted wishes like a genie?

See Lord the way my intolerance for pain is set up, being lazy and spoiled I don’t want to squat and lunge. So if you can just GIVE me a body like Anowa Adjahs. Or Buffie Carruth. Or anyone who spends enough time on themselves to value the treasure of the temple of the Holy Spirit God has given us.

Yes gimme.

Or that 26 room mansion with a pool in the back yard that gets covered by the landscape. And the rolls Royce, Lamborghini, and Range Rover in the garage.


Or that singing career when I hit some notes like a howling cat, and don’t know the difference between soprano, alto and tenor when singing. Smokes for thirteen years and my lungs are still healing. Yes I gotta work. Or my writing career. When I barely understand grammar rules and write many run on sentences because I was homeschooled then said forget that. I’ll just take a test for my GED at the age of almost nineteen after working too much. I mean any career that will open the door to the extravagant lifestyle that the fantasy world of my mind has become accustomed to. I don’t really like brands. I love gadgets!

Gimme gimme gimme.

But see the thing about me. I love to work for others. I am still learning how to believe in myself enough to put that same 145 hours in two weeks work ethic into myself.

There’s a scripture I came across and I had to ponder over it.

18 But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today.

Deuteronomy 8:18 | NIV

That’s right. The Lord is giving something. But He is not necessarily putting the end result in my hands. He has given me a seed.

It’s called my gift.

So I met a man. We’re in love. We’re together. That’s our running joke because I’m so intense and when I want something I go hard for it! He tried to get me to tell his friends we weren’t but I assured him we are. We are in love. Maybe he doesn’t know it yet. But I feel it. I see it. How do I know I’m in love? I have never written a poem for a man I was not in love with. Not a poem about our love.

I wrote his poem in thirty seven minutes. 18 days after first making his acquaintance.

Yes we are in love. But that’s not the focus. The focus is this poem. This five minute masterpiece that was penned non stop in 37 minutes.

My gift is in my words.

My seed God has given me to plant.

The God who gives me the ability to make wealth.

See I don’t know if it’s in a book one might be interested in reading. Or a song someone might be interested in singing. Or prints on a shirt someone may be interested in wearing. Or a poem someone may be interested in hearing. All I know is words are my gift.

My gift will make room for me. The experiences that have backed up my gift. The wisdom I have learned as a result of the poor decisions I have made. The love I now choose to cherish because of all the hate that was sent my way. My life that knows the difference now. My words that can give an explanation of all those things. Is a seed.

See all I have to do is plant. Give attention. Time nurturing and care. I have to water. I have to prune. I have to keep my orchard free from pests like locusts, cankerworms, termites. You know the things that come to destroy the crop that the Lord has given me after I took the time to plant the seed He gave me.

You know. The people that have always been afraid to step out on their own gifts so they spend their lives living the dreams of others because it’s more comfortable to be someone who knows who they are than to try and figure out who they are, what their passion is and what they were placed on this earth to do.

You know the destiny killers.

So you. And i. This year.

If you followed my blog last year you knew it was about healing. I had to purge myself of all the negative experiences before The Lord could give me anything new. My soul had to be fertile like soil ready for this massive crop The Lord wants to lay. Couldn’t do that with the dead experiences that were producing maggots in my spirit.

So now I’m healing. Almost healed. Now I am listening to God. Now I am allowing love to light up my path and be a lamp to my runway so I can take flight. I mean what good is gifts of tongue and prophecy etc if I don’t have love?

I mean so much lack of love that I see a sister or brother and look the other way, and avoid even touching them when Pastor says touch your neighbor?

I mean why would God give seed to someone who can’t even follow the second commandment to love neighbor as self. And if you can’t love the brother you can see how can you love the God in heaven you can’t?

So. Crop overload!

If you’re ready to receive all that God has for you it’s going to take a little work. A lot of praying and a whole bunch of His word.

But God is faithful!

Never forget. He gives seed to the sower. Not wishes to the faithless. Because faith without works is dead.

We gotta put in work.

Do your part and watch God do the rest!


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