I’m so thankful.

Valuing treasure seems to be the sum of all events these days.

Last year my grandfather bought me an old school. Not quite. A 94 Chevy Corsica but it only had 69,000 miles on it. It may be old but it has the favor of God on it. I’m sure He led my grandfather to place title, registration and keys in my hands. Because of that favor when 2014 BMWs not starting up because of the bitter biting cold my lil putt putt going vroom vroom!

So I take care. I keep it clean from a very energetic and absent minded four year old. Inside and out. I just got my oil changed and I do what I can to make sure God knows I appreciate my blessing. See anyone who needs a ride can get one from me.

I may not like the fact that I am living in my grandparents empty apartment that they use for storage purposes. But this ancient heater stove that sits in the middle of the living room keeps my daughter and I warm and the bed we sleep in allows us to enter into His rest.

You know whom The Lord loves he gives rest.

They don’t even ask me for a dime. Not really. But I’m going to do better. So I am working on keeping the place as clean as I can considering.

Yes. Caring and appreciating the things that have been entrusted to my care.

So here I am. This man of mine. Always wanting to make sure I am ok. Like my neck is protected from the winter chill. He gives me a neck covering. Columbia name on the inscription. But that has no value to me. The value is that this man is so concerned about my well being. That he relinquishes what he has for me.

So I’m looking around and seeing it is nowhere in the apartment. Everything has a place so if I can’t find it it is not in the place.

I’m disturbed.

I go out in this below zero weather to search my car. Not there. I go into grandmas house to see if I left it and I can’t find it. I am starting to get frantic. Tears are threatening to appear. I never want this man to even think that anything he is doing for me is taken for granted because everything he does of his own free will is a blessing to my life. I am blessed that someone wants to care for me enough to so anything for me.


I pray for and thank God daily. For his grace and mercy is sufficient. Plus He gives good gifts.

This man is a treasure. I have been presented to him as a gift. And the value and care he puts into me and my feelings and my well being makes my stomach do somersaults and my heart skip a beat.

Yes. Taking nothing for granted means that I learn how to be a good steward over everything God has entrusted me with. I am learning. I am and forever will be a work in progress.

23 “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’

Matthew 25:23 | NIV

But I just want to be a good and faithful servant over the seeds God has entrusted me with. He will make them grow. But I must so my part. Pruning nurturing and watering. Faith without works is dead so I have to put my best foot forward.

So yes. Thankful. I am being trusted. I just want to please the one that is and always has been forever faithful to me.


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