Met him on a Thursday, sunny afternoon cumulus clouds 84 degrees he was light!
Said he wanted to talk about my missions listen to my life. Word!
Love Rain down!! Love rain down!!

Not quite. But almost.

It was a Friday night. My phone was blowing up in a rarity that I hadn’t really been seeing which made me wonder what was going to be so special about the man who I was waiting on to walk through the door of my childhood friends apartment.

No thank you. I don’t want to see the hobbit. And you sir. Why are you after the blatant disregard of my feelings and disrespectful interactions texting me WYD? Definitely not you. Move around. Thanks.

My jerk and asshole tendencies will not be denied any further. Love me or hate me but I promise you’ll never be bored by me!

So here he walks through the door. Leather Pelle, fitting right. Jays on his feet. Attire right proper.

I see you boo. Can’t deny this paper I know you getting. With the right appeal of D-Boy. Everyone knows I have a soft spot for dudes with a hustler mentality.

Imma hustler imma imma hustler.

But money has never been the motive. I can get my own and what’s yours will never be mine unless the ring and vows happen but we gotta get past the introduction first.

He ignores me. I’m appalled. He talks about my little mermaid top. I’m offended. He calls me a tall tree, and says he only likes whatever he likes but it happens to not be me. I’m like whatever.

A bigger asshole than me I never did see.

I wanted to leave. But I decided to stay.

We had cupcakes. We went for a drive and the moment I almost missed out on has turned into the longest conversation I have ever had in my life.

I have fallen in love.

He laughed heartily the first day I told him. Like how can a person love in a few days. Yeah. I’m intense like that. But I wouldn’t even put myself in a situationship to begin to allow feelings to manifest if I did not think a man would be good for me.

Not just a good man. But a good man for me.

See. His desire to see me maintain my over seventeen month walk with purity has light kisses on my forehead and soft kisses on his cheek the foundational rules of our relationship. Sharing a bed is a no no, we understand what falling looks like so we strive to stand together. We can enjoy each other’s company while sleeping separately. The fact that he wants to see me be my best self has him sending me videos to catch up on YouTube. Helping me develop a nutritional plan focuses his center around helping me achieve my goals as he works just as diligently to accomplish his own. Not only for my personal walk but my spiritual walk as well.

He’s a hustler.

He motivates me. He encourages me. He protects me. And we share.

Oh how we share. We share our stories of our experiences. We share desires of our dreams. We share a love of the same God whom we put trust in that He will be the author and finisher of our faith. See if we are meant to be in our Fathers will together, we trust that what is for us is for us.

The most beautiful thing about this is the fact that words cannot express the beauty of our interactions.

I laugh uncontrollably. He offends me. He apologizes. I forgive. I taper my temper and calm down when his words come harshly. See I understand as a woman it’s not my job to undermine his authority as a leading figure in my life. Even if he should happen to be wrong, I pray. He hears and follows the voice of God and I watch how he interacts with me and my daughter that he really wants Gods best for me. If that happens to be him that’s a plus.

Time. Is of the essence. It’s fleeting yet holds much value.

So I fall in. Fall into deeper relationship with my Father. Because now I understand how my Fathers love kept me from those whose intentions were to pull me away from Him and his desire to protect me, give me the secret desires of my heart and place the man of my dreams into my life is only a measure of his vast and great love.

So here I am. My love for God showing me how to love a man, just as, if not more complicated than I. And we study. We study each other. We learn each other. The school of life has made us students of each other, and the fact that our investment in each other exceeds our interest we show up even when the world wants to deal us low blows. Instead of finding escape in the outer world we know that we can lean on each other.

Yes this is new. Fresh and wonderful. Of course I like Chrisette Michelle want a couple of forevers. Then a couple more. But its what God wills. So I find pleasure in knowing that my Father loves me enough to honor the sacrifice of my waiting for Him and not taking matters into my own hand.

Obedience is better than sacrifice. And my Father has asked me repeatedly to fear Him and keep His commandments. Only He knows the rewards and treasures waiting on us if only we listen.

So today. I celebrate the life of the man that has brought so much love, life, light and laughter into my world in such a short period of time. With him following my Savior, I will follow him to the ends of the earth. Blisters on my soles and all. Just to be with him is a blessing. Just to know him is a treasure. Yes. For the first time in my life Love feels like a blessing that can not be measured!


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