I’ve got beautiful by Mali music on repeat.

A self esteem builder.

A reminder.

My choices.

See in a past life. Maybe just a month ago I loved to love what hated me because they didn’t like themselves. When someone is unforgiving with their own sins of course they try to make you a martyr for your failures.

But I’ve been praying. He’s been answering. And finally a day has come I love me. I love every crack and crevice. I love my nappy. I love my sleek. I love me bald. I love me weaved.

I love my rolls. But not enough to keep them. I love me enough to help me be the best me. So I’ve changed my eating. I  have changed my mindset. I love all. But will only accept love from those who love themselves. 

See I love me enough to understand who is assigned to see me prosper and who is here to try to kill my self confidence and esteem. Who is here to steal my self worth. And who comes to destroy my relationship with my father. 

I let Mr. Wrongs move around. I don’t need to wait for Mr. Right. I only need to live. If he can keep or catch up then he must’ve been sent by my father. 

So until then I just enjoy life. 

I let the beauty of God permeate into my life. I love life more abundantly. I live it to please God.

I have officially earned the gift of goodbye. Praise God for movement. I’ve moved into a new state of understanding. 

It’s so beautiful!