It’s been so easy to pay attention to anything else when I didn’t want to focus on my mess.

I made a clever quote about garbage and mess but I’ve forgotten it now.

I think I’m so smart.

No. I really don’t. Others have thought it of me. Now I understand with no formal education higher than eighth grade before entering college it was my father. The one that sits on heaven. He gave me his wisdom. Sometimes I’m right when I don’t even care to be. Now it’s all for the glory of God. But now. I only give what’s been asked of me.

Most people don’t want answers. They really just want an ear to vent. When I have time I lend it. Other times I’m taking care of my business.

When I get quiet time to reflect I get rid of confusion. No need to wonder if what I want is really xyz. I know for sure. I’ve finally found me in the quiet of my storm to say yes. I know who I am and what I want.

So. I mind my own. 

What a joy and so much freedom it is in minding my own business.

To each his own. 

How simply wonderful that statement truly is!


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