I am opening the door to so many from my past these days.

I mean my job is to show the love of Christ. How can I reflect the light of God in my everyday interactions if I’ve shut certain people out who only knew me before God cleansed me from my mess. 

How can they witness the evidence of His goodness and His glory if I am hidden away enjoying all this goodness with others who are saved and live life to please God?

So yes I’m forgiving. Some have done some awful things. Interacting with hateful people who do hurtful things makes one carry bitterness like a white flag waving it in surrender. Like I give in to the hurt.

Not for me anymore.

I gave my hurt to God and am becoming the woman He created me to be. 

How can I be Radiance if I live life to be a dark bulb.

So here I am. In the flow of forgiving!

But a quick reminder. Jesus forgave Peter. He knew His heart. And afterwards he allowed Peter to write his books. But Judas. Judas was known to be who he was before he even did it. There was no coming back for Judas. He got no more mentions.

That’s how life is though. Some people are supposed to come back and some are never supposed to come back. Some people have been your enemy from the beginning. Some people just get caught up in the situation and what others are saying and doing. 

So yes. Forgive. But know who is long term and who is meant to be replaced.

I ask God to show me. Send me. And He does. 

Pray to your Father. He is an answerer of prayers!


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