The worst thing about being a motherless child is the fact there where a mothers love constantly supports and motivates, people come into her life who do the opposite.

They have no motivation and no encouragement and speak their truth about a person. 

Now this person being lied to about who they really are tend to believe it as truth because it really just Lines up with how the person really wants to treat them.

I mean people wouldn’t treat me as if I were a bad person if I were good right?


Some people never accept their flaws and their imperfections so it just becomes easier to point out the failings in another as opposed to working and making their own selves better.

These days I’m content with me. So if you want to be a fool I hope you’re the happiest fool you can be. If you want to be a liar I hope you’re the happiest liar you can be. If you want to be a back biter I won’t call you on it.

See I’ve I I been assigned to love and pray for you! 

So I will. Without ceasing and I do faithfully believing the same bondage my Father delivered from me He will deliver you from it too.

I don’t have time to constantly carry mirrors. Showing people who they are. When they want to see they will ask God like I did. Reveal who I am to me. Won’t he do it. 

I mean I started getting scriptures on humility, rebelliousness etc. I would go further in depth. But some people use my words from my blogs to try and tell me who I am. When I only write about the things I have overcome. I know who I used to be.

And the devil is the only person constantly accusing the brethren of who they use to be.

I can see clearly. New eyes gives sight to the formerly blind.

So. Someone said I live in victim mode. I thought that was funny. I talk about my past. It’s the things that I have overcome that give me strength.  I rarely talk about the battles I am facing!

I have to use my life to glorify the God that has given it to me in this new way to live more abundantly. 

Sorry my overcoming traumatizations lead you to believe I live in the state or victimization. 

A man I spent 2006 talking to daily. For hours daily told me how strong he always saw me. And I hadn’t even been through half of what the last seven years have brought me. 

So. This year is about finding self. Finding out who God created me to be. Who He had said I am and not who the enemy is constantly using people to say I am.

Yes I am victorious! I could’ve chosen darker paths, but I chose light and life over death and darkness.

I still let the dead bury the dead, and those who love to live in the past with Lots wife. 

If you’re talking about who I used to be and looking for me in the past wishing you the best. I don’t live there anymore. I am not her anymore.

So looking forward to looking towards the present. Looking towards my purpose and living out my destiny. 

Celebrating with imperfect people who are blessed to know that in their imperfections is when Jesus comes in to fill every gap that was ever made!

To God be all the Glory!!


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