Don’t Even Think About It….


You love me in spite of me.

You love me so much that you’ll send a word to me; even when I think of doing something that’s out of your will, you’ll send someone to me that’s in the midst of that same storm or coming out of it to save us both.

Despite of what it looks like, feels like, if it ain’t right, it ain’t God. Now it’s up to me to do what is right at this point. I can go left, I can go right or I can stay on the narrow path that my Father has laid out for me to walk. It’s my free will. A scary thought but it’s true
But God, how much does He love me that He’ll show me what’s ahead before I walk that crooked path. There have been and will be other times again that I’ll feel like this saved path is lonely and that I’m missing out on something but oh God you have a way of letting me know that I’m never alone and that I’m not part of this world. I can’t be, I’m a king’s kid, an heir to the throne, a daughter of God. 
You word clearly states in Deuteronomy 31:6 you’ll never leave me or forsake me, for the Lord my God goes with me; and since I’m a kings kid, a daughter and an heir,  I can fully rely on the promised word of God in John 18:36 when Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world.

I’m just not; and never have been.

Jesus, you’re always right there beside me, behind me and in front of me, you’ve got me all the way around. You are God that holds me with His righteous right hand. 
I thank you God for loving me when I feel unlovable, for keeping me when I don’t want to be kept; but what is really mind blowing right now is that He’s covering me even when I just think about coming from under His covenant (covering) that He made and has just for me.

Jesus, you think about and love me just that much. And He feels the same way about you too sisters. 
He’s here, He’s near, and you’ve got me; always have and always will. He’s got you too sis! 
I know it, you’ve shown it but now it’s up to me to believe it. You too sis! 
Somewhere along the path I changed, I looked another way but God is showing me that it’s never too late to get back to Him. You too sis!

We can do it by getting back into our word, prayer, prayer, prayer, prayer, communing with like-minded people (who love God), not entertaining foolishness, and standing on the solid foundation that was built from the beginning will get us back on track. He’s right there waiting.

This living a saved life is a struggle for real for real; but once you get real with God and yourself you’ll find that it becomes easier with Him to stay there. *but it’s a process, an ongoing process.

One more thing, there’s so much power in telling your story. You don’t know who else is struggling and going through too. Get your power back and tell your story. Share your storm even in the midst of it, there will be sunshine to follow. 

Thank you for reading, be blessed and please share, if not this then your story, your message, your testimony, to help release and free someone else. 


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