I got this here Taylor Swift song on repeat. 

Bad Blood.

I tell you about exes. 

I was single when I added them to my page. But really. I just wanted them to see what walking with Jesus has done for my life. 

They knew me to be whomever they thought me to be, or whatever memories they have of me, but now as they watch what the Lord is doing in my life I am thankful that even though I fall short daily. These days more than others. But i digress, even thought I fall short daily my Lord is a rewarder of those diligently seeking Him. 

I stay in his face. I stay on my face. I pray without ceasing. 

I’m telling you about my JESUS!

So. Like two weeks ago. I got love letters coming through my phone screen via text and I’m like no thank you. From about three different people.

Do i really make an impact on people like that?

Then I put a little hair in my head and a couple of exes who cheated, lied, got with my friends, and the list goes on is at me. But why?

Why would I respond? Its not that I havent forgiven. I have. But being thankful that they chose me not which opened the door to where I am now doesnt mean anything. I dont want anything to do with my past unless its on a professional basis. 

So. I’m watching the video. They made some deep cuts, but as Taylor gets ready to fight the fight of her life a group dressed in white called Trinity is helping her get prepared. 

Ive got a set of Trinity. The Father, Son, the Holy Spirit. And my man. I feel it couldnt have been coincidence that God placed my man in my path the way he came. 

But he is preparing me. In many ways, helping me to get ready for the path I have been destined to walk down all my life.

I am thankful for that.

So. I let my past check out whats going on in my life hoping that if they need someone to call on they will call on the name of Jesus who will definitely go interecede for those who ask in His name. Because I know of the harsh reality that some of them live, but thats about it. 

My only job was to bring these men to the King. Some wanted to come, and others came at a time when I didnt want to believe I was who i am. 

Now. No love lost. We dont really have bad blood. We have good blood. We have all been redeemed by the blood of Jesus. All we have to do is walk into it.

I hope someone will accept Him as their personal Lord and Savior this week, before the weekend is out. You’ll never know how good he is until you really give him a try!!


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