So. I have a new job.

Its not exactly new. Its been in the works for awhile, but now I am getting comfortable with my assignment to talk about my job.

Yes. It is as most of my jobs have been an assignment. I get to be a tool used by God by speaking to and showing love to his people in a dismal world where very little people show empathy and compassion.

I was a CNA before I started driving Public transportation in the city of Chicago. And because I have a heart for people the young men who no one else wanted to deal with because of the diseases they had that no one else wanted to catch it seemed as if God placed me in their path.

I served. I showed love, empathy and concern.

I have been elevated.

So at work a young girl gets on my bus. Shes ready to give me attitude because she doesnt have her fare. My job however, is to let her know her fare is $2.25. So I do. She says, well I dont have it. I dont want to ask anyone else for it. I ask her why not. I let her know there is nothing wrong with asking.

Break down those barriers of pride. Whats wrong with a simple question.

Like me. Just last week. Someone in my facebook timeline was talking about jerk tacos. Word? I’m about to be off my vegan diet and some jerk tacos for a greedy greedikins such as myself sounds like it is right up my alley. And its on my side of town. West side. All day! West side crazy. 

Probably padded room crazy like my friend joked and said, but the blood of Jesus helps regulate my mind. I dont respond to crazy rae rae anymore. I am simply Radiance J. Jua’Donna. Or better still Ms. Woodruff. If you really want to get fancy call me Jua’Donna Rae.

Anyway. I am trying to find out where to get the tacos from. I get snubbed. Probably something to do with the fact the person I was asking likes to create a fairy tale of women wanting him. Trust me. When I want, I go for. I get what I want. In Jesus name. I pray. There is no way I could have and would want a man who likes to send pictures to women of themselves in their red draws when I never asked anything about what his body looks like under his clothes. I am not attracted to larger men, that was definitely not my cup of tea.

I’m sippin though. But I checked him. It got regulated. I just wanted to know where to get the tacos from. 

Oh well. Ive been ignored. I’m okay with that. We west side all day. Let me talk to my friends. I know someone knows where to find the tacos at. So I find out. Tacos can be found on Pulaski and Jackson. Yo. My stompin grounds for real. We used to be on Pulaski and Madison all day for gold, girbauds, tops and bottoms. Hood fly. I grew up on Jackson and Laramie a mile away. That was easy.

But being slighted. Why do people who dont get enough of being humiliated feel the need to humiliate others. Pride comes before the fall, and boy am I thankful that a little humiliation helps keep me humble. Because really who likes to be snubbed? I mean for real, what did I do to dude?

Everyone’s palate accomodates different tastes, and he just happened to not be mine. I am alright with that, and enjoy the love that he has that has come as a result of me not choosing something I definitely was not going to want and keep, and was going to make cry like I have done so many.

I’m working on changing now. 

So the young woman. She asked. Someone gave her fare to get on the bus. I told her. There will be times in life where people will ignore your pleas. Some people will give what you ask for some will not. keep asking anyway. Never stop asking. You never know who has a blessing to give you. 

See I saw the favor on her life mandates that people respond favorably to her requests and are blessed as a result. 

So keep on asking. Doors will be open when we ask, and walk in humility. Never stop asking because one person doesnt give you an answer to a simple question. I mean what harm is it really?

We will only ever know and understand because we ask.


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