So here comes dude from my past that I thought I wanted to choose me. Thank God He didn’t. I ride.  I am loyal with no title. Can you imagine how hard I’m about to go for my man?!?

That’s what all these exes seeing me in what they believe is a vulnerable state keep reminding me.

“Man, Rae-Rae you go hard. You love hard. You a good woman. You a trophy. If I had that chance again I’d be marrying you.” 

Yeah whatever. I don’t believe the lies of liars.

Anyway. Obviously this ex is reading my blogs and see the turmoil of my relationship. 


He wants to rub in my face the fact that I didn’t choose him. But when he had the chance to choose me he chose otherwise. 

So I wouldn’t choose him again and again. Why would I ever choose someone that won’t choose me? 

So he gloating. But really the last laugh is on him. Everyone knows that the better the woman the more she can and will push the man to his highest heights. And that’s why I expect a man to treat me as I deserve. Total respect. I want to laugh and smile and feel good because I know I go above and beyond for a man I love. 

Now I’m patiently waiting on the man that will be my husband.

Waiting. Maybe not so patiently.

So. I’m guessing they are wondering why I wouldn’t have chosen them.

I told one of them. I wouldn’t care if my man was addicted to dope, crack, leaf or pills. I wouldn’t care if he was a closet homo-bi-sexual. I wouldn’t care if he had ten kids. Eight baby mommas. I wouldn’t care if he was a felon and couldn’t get a job. 

See those are things. I am not the type to let the devil lie and tell me and anybody I love that our desires are who we are. 

No Ephesians keeps reminding us that we don’t wrestle with flesh and blood. But the spirits that we are introduced to.

Spirits of lust. That create addictions to things that are no good for us. But the King. Jesus. Our high priest that goes to the Father on our behalf seated at his right hand. Who prays for us because he knows what temptations are known to man because He became flesh in order to be the living sacrifice we needed to approach the throne of grace.

Yes. These spirits when brought to the King must bow in subjection and just like he sent legions of demons from crazy people into the swine, he removes the spirits that we wrestle with. 

If only we come to him.

So people are not their desires.

I saw my man search high and low to give money to an obvious drug addict. I’ve had other men laugh at them and call them hypes. But the only reason why that ex, who just stopped smoking weed to he this new job after he failed the last drop at the job I now have, didn’t end up like the man is because the mercy and grace of God.

I saw other exes treating the people that love them like crap.

I see other exes choosing to humiliate others in front of everyone. 

And still others selfishly pursuing their own desires with no concern about how it affects them or their children.

So. I’m so thankful I never chose those other men. Even if this relationship doesn’t work. I still wouldn’t go back to my past I left behind for a reason. 

It’s always been about the heart, and since what’s in theirs isn’t appealing to me I let them go. 

Thanks but no thanks. Y’all all on the block list. It’s been great. Holla back never!!


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