So. I’m my Beyoncé/Nikki Minaj voice I’m feeling myself. 

My body has released enough weight where I am merely five pounds away from Onederland. 


I been working and not eating.

It’s amazing how people shun the very people who are able to help them be successful.

So here I am. I fell in love.

But love scared me. I know what failure in relationships look like because everyone I have had has lacked success. 
But I’m in love. Which means I want this man to be successful even if I am not involved in his forever equation. 

Anyway. As I am walking down the street leopard print flare dress and legging type pants a man says I look like a leopard. 

My feminine wiles be straight on ready to attack mode all the time. But I am able to do whatever needs to be done alone.

I don’t enjoy cooking and cleaning but I can do it. 

But as I am walking I see two women mowing the lawn. 

I’m looking around for the man and see none so I ask them who’s cutting the lawn.

Chests stuck out in pride they look at me like yeah what of it. We did this.

I laugh and tell them. “I used to wonder why my aunt used to have me now the five lots of lawn we had.” She was preparing me for independence.

What if my husband is better at taking care of cleaning and cooking. And I am better at putting fixtures together and mowing the lawn, gardening etc? Roles reversed but marriage is about teamwork. 

So here is my granddad at 80 years old fixing the brakes on my car. Like I said before he has been with my grandmother for over 60 years. The health he sustains had to come from a woman that had been taking care of him for all these years. As well as a praying woman who sits in his chair that he freely gives up when she come n the room for her comfort knowing that his happy wife equals a happy life.  See he knows that in making sure she and her emotional and physical needs are taken care of his will be as well.

So yes at this point In my life I want a mate for myself so my daughter will have a father but I have come to the realization that I don’t need anyone but God and the ones He knows are going to treat me well enough to deserve a space in my life.

I am woman hear me roar. I am definitely feeling myself. I am confident and able. I am a prize and a treasure. I am a woman of God. I fall down seven times and get up eight. 

And that’s all life is about. Constantly fighting for life when the world says it’s time to give up. But I declare victory through Christ Jesus because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

This will be an interesting season. I can’t wait to watch it play out. I just know that kids look for fun but grown ups seek happiness.

What makes you happy?


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